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I'm going on vacations, should I take my game console with me?

I'm flying to my homecountry for 2 months, to see my father (I haven't seen him in 2 years) and spend holidays with him and maybe family. Should I take my PS2 with me?

I'm going to buy a Nintendo DS there.

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    1) there is a rule about travelling - if you can't bear to lose it, don't take it with you. If it gets damaged or stolen, it will ruin your holiday and any happy thougths and memory you may have of the trip.

    2) You have not seen your father in2 years. Do you love him? Of course, I am sure you do. What message are you telling your father by taking the PS2 along? You prefer to sit and play it rather than spending time with him?

    You are going to be in another country for 2 months. What a chance to experience something a lot of people would never be able to do in their lifetime. Enjoy it. Take time out from PS2 and see new things and widen your horizon. Get to know your family as well. And you can play PS2 to your heart's content when you get back.

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    It really depends on who it is that you are. If you spend hours upon hours at your dad's playing PS2 whom you haven't seen for two years, are you sure he wouldn't be upset? If you really want to bring it, go ahead. If you have a big ps2 though, they break really easily when dropped and even moved sometimes, slim ps2s I've had more luck with.

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    If i were you i will consider. Think carefully on what to bring as you may lose somethings on the way there and back. Try bringing something smaller to entertain yourself. Like a PSP? You shouldn't have asked this question. You have to decide it for yourself. I am just giving you a advice.

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    No. Read a book. If you are really THAT worried about being bored there, I would suggest shortening your trip first.

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    It's a vacation, a different scene, time to relax your mind, get new thoughts, leave it home.

  • nah, i dont think so. you should try and get away from it every now and then, you'll enjoy it too.... but make sure you lock it or keep it somewhere safe.......just incase!

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    Why not. What else are you going to do.

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