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I admire Luffy a lot ,He’s a ragtag crew of pirates’s captain in Japan’s cartoon “One Piece”. As a cartoon charactor..He was born in 1995,and he hoped to obtain the biggest treasure on the world. He invited other members on his trip.And every member had their individual personality and a sad story.Luffy helped them a lot, so every member trusted him.Those stories also touch my heart and many other people.

Luffy was very strong,especially while he wanted to protect his friends,nobody can beat him.That’s also why his members so trusted him.

But actually in actitivies of daily livings ,Luffy always did things without considered a lot .He was a fresser and didn’t know how to control himself.He might make away with all the food on the ship in few days.But now he had good members to help him control himself now. Because his innocent and funny,many people on the world like him including me.He is my favorite cartoon character.

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    Luffy is my favorate cartoon character. I really admire him, who is a pirate captain in a Japanese animate "One Piece." As a cartoon charactor, he was born in 1995 and made a wish to find the biggest treasure in the world. He invited others members during his trip. Each member has it own personality and story behind the scene. Luffy offered them helps when they need so that he earned their trusts. His story touched my heart as well as others.

    Luff is very strong. While he is fighting for his friends, no one can beat him. That is why his members trusted him so much.

    However, in daily activities, Luffy is not a considerate person. He sometimes can't control himself, but now he has his crew to help him control. Because he is so innocent and funny, many people arouund the wrold including me like him. Luffy is my favorate cartoon character.

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