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急~~Dodge Charger R/T 的車子文章翻譯


Guys everywhere are drooling over the Charger--and that includes us. Its aggressive, almost angry front makes the car look like it can chew up and spit out any other sedan. And at the Speedway that's just what it did, dominating all our track tests: going, stopping and swerving.

The Charger is the lone car here that has rear-wheel drive. It's also the only one with an available V8 engine. The R/T version, our tester, has a Hemi V8. With that powertrain, it's easily the most entertaining, engaging and rewarding car of this quartet to drive hard.

The Charger shares its platform with the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum station wagon, and various mechanical bits--like the smooth-shifting five-speed automatic--with Mercedes-Benz. That Hemi, though, is all-American. And as much as we love its prodigious power output, we're disappointed (but hardly surprised) by its appetite:

The Dodge drank more gas than any other car here, ducking under 20 mpg, despite its cylinder-disabling Displacement on Demand system. The Charger's interior is also dark and dour. The gun-slit windows that look so cool from the outside are a hindrance for short drivers.

The long nose and dashboard make the car feel bigger than it is. Still, the Charger has the best front seats of the foursome, with excellent side bolstering; rear-seat accommodations are midpack in this group. And because it is rear-drive, the Charger's back-seaters have to deal with the dreaded driveline hump in the middle of the floor. That's the price you pay for the ability to smoke those rear tires at will.



Charger這裡是有後方輪子驅動的孤立汽車。它也是只那個用一個可利用的V-8引擎。 R/T版本, 我們的測試器, 有Hemi V-8。與那powertrain, 它容易地最有趣的,這四重唱參與的和獎勵的汽車艱苦駕駛。



Update 2:

Charger與克萊斯勒300和Dodge Magnum小型客車分享它的平臺, 并且各種各樣的機械位--像光滑轉移的五速度自動--用奔馳車。 那Hemi, 雖然, 是所有美國。 並且,和我們愛它巨大的功率輸出一樣多, 我們由它的胃口失望(但幾乎不驚奇) :

Dodge比其他汽車這裡喝了更多氣體, 低頭在20 mpg以下,儘管它圓筒使失去能力的位移在要求時的系統。 Charger的內部也是黑暗和陰鬱的。槍切開看的窗口,很涼快的從外面是妨礙為短的司機。


Update 3:



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    Charger是部少有的後驅車。也是唯一搭載V8引擎。 我們測試的是搭載Hemi V-8的R/T版,。有這樣的動力傳輸,這部車無疑是最有趣、迷人、值得立即駕馭。

    Charger與克萊斯勒300、Dodge Magnum共用底盤,其他許多機件,像是平順的五速自排是與賓士共用。那具Hemi引擎則是道地美國貨。即便我們對這部車的喜好就如同它的動力表現,但卻對它胃口非常失望(即使不令人感到意外):




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