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some people can drink alchol?

and handle it well,some people drink and go crazy or agressive.can the same thing occur with speed use?one take's it moderately and often and feel ok in ones health and outward attitude, whereas some people go right off the rails nearly everytime they use it regardless of the potency or amount they take

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    This applies to any drug that a person takes into their body. Everyone is different and might react differently. It has to do not only with their body chemistry, but their state of mind. The effects of different substances don't change the way you think, only add to it ... so sometimes it depends on how you are feeling when you are sober.

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    speed can take over someone, make them crazy, they will steal and hurt any body that gets in their way. Drugs of any sort can take over a person just depends how they use it

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    If you limit to two glasses bier or wine, you should not have problems.

    The only problem is to know when to stop

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    Brand matters!!!

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