I have trouble sleeping. Usually it takes a couple sleeping pills and alcohol to get me to sleep. What helps

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    i used to smoke weed to help me sleep, but now i just watch sportscenter until stuart scott causes me to viciously pound my head against the wall, that usually puts me out like a light.

    the sleeping pills and alcohol is a great idea, i suggest you do us all a favor and keep doing that....

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    Combining alcohol with sleeping pills is a good way to go to sleep permanently. Every sleeping pill made warns against using it with alcohol. The trouble with sleeping can be caused by depression which is also made worse by alcohol use as alcohol is a depressant.

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    1 decade ago

    Alcohol is part of the problem. It does not let you get good sleep. You also don't take alcohol with sleeping pills. If you are having this much trouble with your meds not working to help you sleep you need to go back to the doctor and have him check things out.

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    1 decade ago

    I can help you to get sleep. You will have to have a strong will power to follow my suggestions. It will take only a week to get sleep without the pills or alchohol.

    Get up in the morning by 0630 hrs. Go to a park nearby your place. Walk barefoot on the grass barefoot for 30 minutes.

    Sit on the grass with a spread facing east. The rising sun has beautiful powers to which pervades your entire body and upto to the brain. Do breathing exercise for 10 minutes.

    In the night take your night meals by 2030 hrs. Go for a walk for 30 minutes. Take a warm cup of milk with cocoa mixing in it.

    Sit on the bed and do breathing exercise for 5 minutes. Now go to sleep keeping your head on the east side. Northand west have magnetic disturbances. You can keep your head on the south side also.

    Your bed should not touch the walls. Remove all the electronic equipments from tbe bedroom as they are meant for the living room. There should not be any mirror behind your head.

    If you follow the above, I am sure you will get normal sleep within 7 days time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Read Rangapadma's answer.It is great and you follow the advice.

    I would simply add a few things. Before you go to bed, drink one glass of warm milk after adding two spoonful of the powder of Withania somnifera(Ashwagandha).Take two spoons of honey in the morning at the time of breakfast.Take morning walk for at least one hour.

    Don't get slave of anything whether alcohol, sleeping pill or spouse etc.Ultimately it is the will power that controls everything. Bolster it by worshiping and meditation.

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    I have a problem sleeping also. I've actually taken sleeping pills with water, then taken a few sips of alchohol to help me drift off a couple of times too. So I can understand where you're coming from.

    I eventually went to a counselor for help. She suggested closing your eyes, and focusing on ONE sound in your house. A soft sound, not like (loud) music playing or the television, one constant, soft sound. If you have one of those CD's that have relaxing sounds on them (waterfalls, a river, the ocean), you could put that on and turn the volume down so that it almost feels like the sound is near you. Concentrate on ONLY the soft, relaxing sounds. That should help you fall asleep pretty quickly. If you don't have a CD like that, you could find something in your house. For example, your air conditioner. The consistent humming may work. But I strongly suggest the CD.

    It's helped me a few times, hopefully it'll help you also. I'd like for you to send me a message about whether or not it did.

    Happy Holidays.

    Source(s): Past experience.
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    You could have a sleeping disorder..

    Or you could have a troubled conscious. It's amazing how our mind and body work together.

    Try working out 2 or 3 hours before you go to bed.

    Also, cut everything off in your room to avoid distractions and try to deep breath.

    Another suggestion would be to take a warm bath or shower every night and lay down...start that routine and try to get your bio clock back into sync.

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    Tylenol PM, 3mg melatonin and 200 mg of ibuprophen 30 minutes before bedtime,does it for me. I sleep well all night and am rested in the morning. None of the above are addicting.

    Source(s): A lot of cool info here: http://www.uncommonreads.com
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    Stop it with the alcohol and sleeping pills, you are probably addicted to both.

    If you stay awake long enough, you will fall asleep.

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    You should never mix alchoal and sleeping pills together. this can lethal. Try taking a warm bath, read a good book, try some relaxing exceries. this should help.

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