what laws or what steps must be taken by an inventor of new medicine before being released into the market?

am working on a paper on the law and its relevane in science and technology .i would like someone to enlighten me with the steps that a company for example glaxo must take before releasing the medicine to the market.i know there must be some testing for side effects and publication but that about it.which law exactly covers this/

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    1 decade ago
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    FDA approval, a company will do all their own research, then will present it to the FDA for final decision.

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    First you have to find a large group of poor, illiterate, suffering, preferably foreign people to experiment on. Then if enough of them survive your Dr. Mengele like testing, submit it to the FDA. From there they will decide how much money the drug companies can make off of your idea and if there is a way they can cut you out of any possible deal. Then if it is finally approved it will take years of testing on feeble old Americans on Medicare before it becomes available to the public.

  • You got to take lots of approvals from many departments like the Health, Medicine, Municipal etc.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know but it might be interesting to see what effect big pharm has had in lobbying when it comes to making laws or stopping legislation from passing.

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