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Is God on the Side of The U.S.A.?

Are we Numero Uno on the big guys list?

If so, which countries and peoples come in second and third?

And which countries and peoples are going to burn in hell first, second, and third?

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    ALLAH or God is not a politician. He is TRUTH and always stands on the side of TRUTH.

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    The God is on the side of the Righteous. Righteousness is a word that has not been raised by the American Government. We say Truth, Justice and the American Way??? No, what we should say is Truth, Justice and Righteousness because there is no truth or justice in the American Way. America has never repented for the wrongs committed against her so called slaves and their decedents. Over 400 years and not even as much as an official apology.

    As thou has done, so shall it be done unto you.

    America has terrorized its black citizens every since we have been here but now America is afraid of terrorism.

    God will never be on the side of America until America does right by her black citizens

    ...and just a side note, God does not love everybody. I wish that people would stop saying that. Everyone is not "God's Children."

    America will probably burn first unless She repents

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    I don't think that God has a country preference. As far as whether or not he is on the side of the USA, I'll share an observation that I heard at church -- With the US being as prominent in the world as it is now, there is no clear mention of this country in the final book of the Bible, Revelation. So apparently something must happen to bring this country down between now and the end of time.

    Source(s): I'm not saying I neccessarily agree with this observation, I just found it interesting and thought it might apply here.
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    I never read anything that Jesus said about Hell. Hell seems to be an invention of powerful old men who wished to control younger people and exploit them for there usable qualities. Young people make up the Armies of the World, and not just because they are young and strong, but also because they can be trained and drilled into a fighting machine. They frankly do not know much about life.

    On the cross, Jesus yelled out, (it is reported), "Do not blame them," for they know not what they do!" Speaking about the Jews, the Roman Soldiers, even Pilate.

    It sounds to me like Jesus is saying that we should not judge others when they do dishonest, careless, or sin full acts like killing other people.

    Jesus was a believer in forgiveness and love. His number one Commandment was, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

    No Hell and certainly no number one, two or three at the gates of anything but heaven.

    We all get to heaven or none of us do!

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    God loves all of His children.

    (countries can't burn in hell. People of a country don't go to hell for being in the country. That's not how it works)

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    God is always with those people and nation who work hard. And who do some thing for humanity. Hell and heaven is for individual people and not for a nation as a whole

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    In Buddhism, God is neither good nor evil but exist in a place beyond good and evil....I believe you would need to exist as a polarized God to take sides...

    ...that is why Buddhism is the only peaceful state for me to find God.

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    Nice one Ali. Don't be too cruel on those gullible yanks. Keep the satire coming. How's the winter in Uzbekistan this year? Sorry, that's your other alter-ego.

    P.S. How's ya Julie?

    P.P.S. How's Isla? We miss her down here.

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    I think God is on the side of the U. S. A. as long as we remain friends with Israel. If we ever abandon them, then we'll go right down the tubes along with the rest of the world. Remember, the Jews are God's chosen people.

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    God is not on "anybody's side". He/She just observes us, says "Hmm, wonder what they're going to do now", and goes on watching his "big TV in the sky", switching channels, trying to avoid all the commercials!

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