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Full Moon----->Labor?

What is the myth involving a full moon and labor? Has it happen for any of you? I am 37 weeks along now. My due date is January 9th. I was guessing that my baby will be born sometime during the week after Christmas...I checked to see when the next full moon is... It is January I am starting to think maybe she'll come a little later then I was thinking...although I will know more after my sonogram and doctor's appointment on Thursday...

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    Oddly as it sounds with both of my pregnancies my water broke & I went into labor on the night of a full moon, now expecting #3 buying a calendar that lists all full moons, hehe

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    I have always heard that more babies are born on the full moon, because of the way the moon controls the water in the tides. It is said that the lunar cycle can cause your water to break. I don't believe it. There was a full moon on the night my baby was due. He was 11 days late. Babies come when they are ready. Don't get your heart set on that due date. It is just a guess. Hope for the New Year's baby. You'll get lots of cool stuff. Congratulations!

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    I believe that the moon does effect this kind of thing. I also believe it effects periods too. They say the birthing cycle is ten lunar cycles. Although your baby will be the one to pick their birthdate. So none of this is set in stone. Good luck!

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    it form of feels that all of the hospitals look to have greater toddlers being born and greater injuries during an entire moon. human beings act crazier and canines bark greater then, too. bypass parent! The Oceans tides are regulated by using the moon - so there merely may well be something to it regardless of each thing!

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