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My friend is 19, but she seems to embody an older person. Can she be Carbon 14 tested to make sure she's 19?

Because she does things that your regular 19 year old doesn't do, and I always wonder whether she's been on earth longer than her and her parents claim. You know? She's just one of those insanely rare individuals.

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    Very doubtful.

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    Na, I am one of those too, but the carbon dating won't work....unless its Carbon and he's really hot!

    We're just old souls, but there are a lot more out there. My kids are both old....but my best friends daughter....she is four is really can see it in her eyes. She was a few weeks old when I first saw her and it was visible then. She knows a lot too.........she knows other family members that passed before she was born......and she was happy when her grandma heard the music and left this world....

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    Thats a funny question. I don't think carbon testing would work tho. Fingerprints may be you best bet :-P

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    Can you actually use that on humans? Funny theory you got there.

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