Will my turtles kill the baby?

I have two full grown red eared sliders and a baby one. the full growns have a heated tank where as the baby does not... it is freaking cold!!! i was wondering if it would be safe to put the baby in the tank with the others without getting eaten.... HELP!!!!

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    omg DONT put the baby in with adults!!! adults will EAT the baby. your just going to find another way to heat the babies water. try putting a basking light [not too hot] over a small tank with a a basking spot. he'll be shy at first but he'll get use to it and he'll know to bask...reptiles are homed into instinct. i heard that someone did that and one day the baby turtle lost its leg from the adult turtle! and some turtles are more agressive then others or they might decide that they want to try and take a nip out of curiousity. dont take the risk!!!

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    4 years ago

    If $12 is a controversy, you may not take care of to pay for a turtle!! instead, purchase a e book on turtle care, and look at up on each and all the failings you will could save a turtle healthful. That way, in case you come back to a selection to get a turtle interior the destiny, you will comprehend how lots you're able to save up, and what is going into looking after one. (particular lights, warmth, foodstuff, filtration, etc). they're very intense upkeep pets! They unquestionably won't be able to stay in a 2 gallon tank...or a 10 gallon tank.

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    Play it safe. Keep the young one away untill it's older.

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    You can put em in with the adults after its pretty old, not when its really young, it depends on how old it is

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    1 decade ago

    Of course it is ok. I do it all the time.

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