I've done it maybe 2-3 weeks just after my delivery, still bleeding and have discharge and my incision is definetly not yet healed, It's not so uncomftable but we had sex. My only problem was, Is it possible for me to get pregnant again after what i've done?? I'm too scared to get pregnant again this very early!! (AND BECAUSE I'M JUST ONLY 18)


My only answer if you think why I did that, It was just because of being forced by my partner.

Update 2:

AFTER I DID THAT I NEVER THOUGHT OF HAVING SEX AGAIN. and what I'm just doing is pray to GOD really.

Update 3:

I'll also ask WHEN SHOULD I EXPECT MY NEXT PERIOD if I gave birth thru CS at Nov.22,06?

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    1. This man cares nothing for your health nor for your child's.

    2. Run, don't walk to the nearest exit.

    3. No Physician ever told you that was o.k.

    4. Value yourself are someone's mother. Accepting domination from anyone is not the greatest example you could set.

    When you became pregnant your priority should have shifted from the man to the child. That it did not do so is a bit troubling.

    You ALONE will be responsible for this life you brought.

    If the person who created this life values his pleasure above Your health and that of His child........Not a good sign. That you agreed, is sickening.

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    You should wait at least 6 weeks before having sex again.

    And yes, if you did not use any birth control you definitely CAN get pregnant. Even if you're breastfeeding, it's NOT a reliable method of birth control. People breastfeed and get pregnant all the time!

    Use protection. And don't have sex again until you're fully healed.

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    yes.... that is why they say wait 6 weeks for your check up and find out if everything is doing well. I know someone who had sex in the hospital after having her baby, she had a private room and her boyfriend (let me express the boyfriend was not the new baby father) and her had sex 13 hours after her giving birth to her daughter when she went to her 6 week check up she found out she was pregnant again. OH MY GOD!!!! you do the math her baby she had and the one she had later are like 9 months and days apart, how crazy is that, I hope this doesn't happen to you. Good luck and congrats on the baby...

    Source(s): I know it sounds crazy but to bad its true this person is my sister-in-law 1st cousin. Nasty but true............
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    I've had two c-sections and both times I was told no sex until after six weeks and only if my incision was healing okay. Do you hate yourself that much that you'd put yourself at risk for sex? Why is it you can't wait until your body is healthy? You must not be that scared of getting pregnant or you wouldn't have had sex two weeks post op.

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    If you are still bleeding you should not be able to get pregnant, but having intercourse so soon after a c-section could cause you some damage. You really should wait for 6 weeks. This gives your body time to heal.

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    I just want to give you some food for thought. If your boyfriend pushes you into having sex when he knows it could affect your health, you really need to look at your relationship. Is he normally this controlling? How is he going to react when the baby takes up the majority of your time, leaving him in second place? Oh, hun...whatever you do, don't stay with him "because of the baby." If this is his normal behavior, then in my opinion, you should get AWAY from him because of the baby!!

    Good luck to you and you are in my prayers.

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    Yeah, all of the above,(except the go to church bit - that wont help you!). Your partner isn't a very caring, compassionate person either - pressuring someone for sex so early after a birth of any kind is cruel.

  • Do the words LEARN SELF CONTROL mean anything??? You should not have sex for 6 weeks after a NORMAL delivery...

  • Anonymous
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    HAS A TREE FEEL OWN UR HEAD?!!!!!!!!! god girl havent ur learn yet tell men no, he dont care about what u have been threw , if u do get pregant maybe now u will learn to tell him no. good luck

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    I think you need to STOP worry about having sex and take care of the child you just had and GO TO CHURCH.

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