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My little Mikki is afraid of me?

Everytime Mikki (a she hammie) goes on the treadmill I say,Hi there Mikki! Then,she gets all scared and goes back to her hammie bed.I didnt do anything wrong.What should i do to make it happy?It seems like its not interested in me or is usually afraid of people.I give it treats and it just snatches it away from me and takes it in her little corner with any hesitation.What should I do?

P.S Mikki also does not want me holding her.I can see her mad little expression!

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    slowly gain her trust by holding her everyday. try not to spring up on her when u say hello as she might get shocked & hence frightened. mine used to wanna bite whenever my hand comes close. now she at least allows me to pat her for a while. they need to be familiarised with our scent. some hammies can never be tamed though cos they do not like physical touch at all.

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    it was probably hurt when it was young, be paitent and try to hold it each day to gain its trust. try to feed it by hand too.

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