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YHS said that tall girls (five nine or more ) are ugly and unnatractive...?

is this so?

And men based on a physical level would you turn me five nine and 127 pounds, long dark blonde hair, great clear skin, good teeth and blue eyes and 36c.

I am a tall women...and this Yak Hair sandwich thinks im ugly and that men dont like this...true or false? I mean do all men want short women only?

Should I just move to Holland?


WOW...i cant beleive how many people think tall women are ugly (such as me)! THAT hurts.

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    Well, I think I could accept your body if you had the right personality. But tall women kinda scare me away. I feel much more manly when I'm with a woman noticably smaller than me. However, you're only an inch or two taller than me, so I could probably get used to you with enough time. I don't know why models are supposed to be so tall, but in real life they creep me out.

    Would I turn you down? It depends on who else is available and how your personalities would appeal to me. If I had to choose between two women who were EXACTLY the same except for height, I would choose the one shorter than me.

    Your situation is far from ideal, but I don't think it should cause you to worry. I'm only 5'8"-ish in height, so it's more difficult for me than it would be for a man who's like 6'2" or so. What bothers me is that those guys often find women who are like 5'5" and under to be very attractive. And of course, some women will date the tallest men they can find. So where does that leave us average guys?

    Good night!

    I'm sorry to see that people are being mean about this. It isn't like you chose your height or anything. Please don't be sad about it! You aren't THAT tall. If you are kind, optimistic, and appreciative, and can make a man feel loved and supported, I think you will find a good fellow soon enough. Those are the main things I look for. Good night!

  • Cheryl
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    Don't be. One of the cutest girls I know is 5 foot nine. I personally like girls either somewhat tall, or adorably short. I don't base my women on looks . But if I did, you'd have a chance ;) (I am trying to sound stalkerish btw)

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    in my opinion that is a trick question. ,my wife is five eight and I'm fine with that. Just remember if a guy thinks your to tall you deserve better as for me i think your a little to worried about what people say. I've heard alot of this myself and I'm over a foot taller than you so you are a short woman!

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    Well i think the issue here is not that their unnatractive but men prefer short women and 5'9 is tall for a girl when thats average for men and those types of men are lookn' for someone shorter then that so they don't really go for 5'9 but its not necessarly thinkin their unnatractive like I don't really date girls taller then me just feel their not for me

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    I am 5' 10. I've dealt with plenty of crap from people, but in the end, you're still just as beautiful as any shrimpy girl, if not more so. Some guys are even more attracted to tall women!


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    I think whoever said this is a prick! there are plenty of women who are both tall and attractive. Your description of yourself sounds quite attractive.

    However, generally I have a personal preference for women who are shorter than myself, and i think that this is quite common. So it's a good thing I'm tall ;)

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    Not all tall women, just the ones with mongloid looking faces.

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    five nine is well within the limits for a girl to be very attractive

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    LOL. is that Ysleta high school, cuz I went there, and all the girls are short.

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    5' 9" is not that tall my last girlfriend was 5'7" or 5'8" and we fit together like a glove. Consider your sources here, I mean really.


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