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Will I end up being a bad guy here?

This is from my previous Q.

If I told the guy (who has told me he likes me, and I put him off and now he starts going out with another girl) I actually have feelings for him. If I told him how I feel, will I end up messing with his mind?

This guy has been trying to get me to go out with him for a few months before he met this new girl. Now I realize how I feel, I just want to get it off my chest really bad. But I don't want to come between the two, seriously. I feel that I need to let him know if not, I will explode.

Do you think it will leave him confused or cause any affect on his new relationship? Should I do it or not?

FYI: They have been going out for two weeks.

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    I think your just being Jealous. Like I said in the previous question the only reason you all of the sudden like him is because he is with someone else. Leave him alone. Stop just thinking about yourself.

    P.S. He is going to hate you when he drops this girl for you and then all of the sudden you lose interest in him again.

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    Instead of leaving him confused, tell him everything that you are feeling. Tell him that you don't want to come between the two and it won't mess up his mind because guys are strong, they won't cry, or least I haven't seen one cry....

    Anyway, just tell him and he will understand and if he doesn't then that is his lost. I can tell that you are a very caring and nice girl who cares about other people's feelings besides their own.

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    I would tell him, just to get closure if nothing else. Just explain to him how u feel and why you did what u did. He probably just dated the other girl to get over you.It may affect his new relationship, but at least you will feel better

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    let nature take its toll if they are happy then dont get involved. Its not like u are crazy about him u cant leave someone hanging for weeks and then say oh Um I think I like u thats wrong and I would hate to be that guy if u did that to me

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    don't bother, just let them be, if you don't want to come between the two. and yes you'll end up being the bad guy. just move on, he's not the only guy in this world. you'll find someone who'll never give up on you..

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    a woman's whole purpose of existance is to confuse men anyway, and since it would make you feel better to get it off your chest just do it

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    Hell Yes and think about the taint paint thing.

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    tell him. hes probably been waiting a long time to hear it from you. and if you feel that strongly that you must tell him asap, i say what are you waiting for?? good luck!

  • Let it go, you didn't go out when he was in persuit. So, don't mess with him and his new hotty.

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