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How much do your grades matter when your looking for a job?

i mean they dont look at your middle school grades do they i have straight A's but have been getting fed up with work i was just wondering what happens if i get maybe C's or B's not D's and F's

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    Grades do not matter in the sense of getting a job in most cases. However, if you are about to attend college and/or are in college and may be applying for an internships THEN sometimes grades (GPA) are considered.

    It sounds like you are in high school.. even in most cases.. your 1st job out of high school, employers do not asks for transcripts.. They only want know that you have your diploma! There was a time when GPA were taken into account... but today it is not as mandatory. The key is make the best grades you can..

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    Employers used to ask how well you did in certain subjects. Colleges will offer scholarships, as well as organizations like mine, the Lion's club, if your GPA is over a certain level. This is how we know you are serious, not a just slipping by kind of guy.

    Even if you're just a ditch digger, be the best dang ditch digger anyone can imagine. Get good grades, because you can do it!

    One more thing...I was in college before I learned that school is a team sport, and you need to feel free to study with a group to do really well. This also makes it more enjoyable!

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    At an entry level job, especially if you are freshman..your grades count a lot. But if you already have some work experience, you experience matters more than grades in school.

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    Grades count man, that's why they call it GPA. Grade Point Average.

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    As long as you've got your degree, nobody cares.

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