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So apparently Iraq's Economy is surprisingly strong. What do you all think?

According to a Newsweek Article, on, Iraq's Economy is doing extremely well, despite the ongoing sectarian struggles. Do you think if the upward economy continues to grow, as it has, that there is some chance for reconciliation in the country, some chance for peace? Can a vastly improved economy help end the Sectarian violence? Will it even be reported that there are positive things happening in Iraq?

Update 2:

The Article Particularly mentions:

Cell Phone Industry

Real Estate



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    The problem is that the Iraqi economy is strong in 80% of the country. However the Sunni areas (where the bulk of the fighting occurs) has not benefited from the economic boom.

    And since the Sunni areas are the ones near Baghdad - these will be the only places you hear about.

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    I think a strong economy independent of oil will be the key to Iraqs success. Also, reconciliation will basically have to happen at the end of a gun barrel. That is why it is key for the Iraqi government to get their act together and work to end the sectarian violence. Even though this may not sound PC, the Iraqi government may have to rule the country with an iron fist for a while until those that are committing the violence are executed or locked up. Fairness based on rule of law seems to be interpreted as weakness. A strong economy should be used by the government to give it more strength and to weaken the outside influence.... Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Syria.

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    Let's see, Iraq continues to be a multitude, foreclosure are at a list top, unemployment in our production industries is at list highs (ask any person who lives in Michigan), private bankruptcies are skyrocketing and you are saying that Iraq has calmed and we now have a powerful economic climate? You are as an alternative out of contact are you no longer? What have you ever been smoking? The economic climate in these days is in the bathroom. The Republicans have destroyed the uncommon economic climate that Bill Clinton created for the period of his time period. During Bill Clinton's Presidency there used to be wish for the long run. Today underneath the Republicans all we now have is gloom and doom and foreclosure in every single place. The obstacle if in case you have no longer guessed it's the economic climate and the best way the Republicans have destroyed the uncommon economic climate that Bill Clinton created for us. Hillary Clinton had a huge hand in developing that uncommon economic climate of the Nineteen Nineties with Bill, for the period of his Presidency. Hillary Clinton and her group and her husband Bill will recreate that uncommon economic climate of the Nineteen Nineties and repair the mess that the Republicans have product of our economic climate. At the top of Hillary's 2 phrases in workplace, Barack Obama will take over and maintain to construct at the basis that Hillary, her hisband Bill and her group will create for the period of her Presidency. The Republicans are not able to get elected dogcatcher. This election in 2008 shall be one of the vital finest Democratic Landslides within the historical past of this country. Also, considering the fact that the Republican Party has so badly mismanaged this country for the final few years, this may occasionally most likely be the top of the Republican Party. The Republicans will cross the best way of the Whig Party in the following couple of years. .

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    I strongly disagree with this article the economy in Iraqi is way bad than it used to be (before the American invasion).

    Cell phone industry?

    Cell-phone use was prohibited Use a cell phone and you die plus there wasn't any connections;

    Real estate?

    60% of Iraqis don't even own a home....


    Yeah, constructing the concrete barricades and re-constructing the sidewalks that the American tanks destroy.....


    What are the Iraqis buying in the dozens if most of then don't even have a job.....

    Look, if I didn't have relatives in Iraq that would tell me exactly what was happening in Iraq I would probably(like you) believe in this article too.....

    Don't believe in everything the media says.....

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    Well, I guess we should remember that there are parts of Iraq that are quiet. However I don't know if an improving economy will necessarily lead to reconciliation. It may just mean a better-financed civil war.

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    I think that sucess does not sell newspapers, and does not get television ratings.We will never hear of the positive things we are doing in Iraq, because the media does not make money reporting about such things.

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    A good economy may just mean that some elite are finnally getting the oil fields pumping. I don't know if commerce in general has picked up although this is the first I've heard of a good economy.

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