Can I use my old x box games for my x box 360?

The game that I really want to know about is NBA 07. I just got my girlfriend an xbox 360 for christmas and I don't want to buy a new NBA 07 if she can use it from her old xbox.

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    Don't listen to most of these people because they're giving you the wrong answer.

    Just because you have the premium 360 doesn't mean that you can play all XBX games. In order for an XBX game to be playable on the 360, either MS or the company that made the game must write the software emulation for that game. You need the hard drive to download the latest patch to get the latest software emu for the games that's just been added to the list.

    You CANNOT play NBA 07, the XBX version, on the 360.

    Here's the link to the list of playable XBX games on the 360:

    Note that NBA 07 isn't on the list, so it's not playable on the 360. Only NBA Live 2004 is on the list. In the future, NBA 07 might get added to the list, but it's highly doubtful since very few sports games are on the list.

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    Yes you can play the xbox 1's Nba Live on the 360. Nba live 07 for the 360 aint as good as NBA 2k7 for the 360 thou.

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    Yes and No. It depends on what system you bought. If it was the more expensive one you can. If it was the cheaper one then no. But you can always upgrade the cheaper one with a Hard Drive and make it capable. So it depends.

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    Yes.But if it is a pirated cd then it wont work.

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