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Who is the Best? Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, or Jackie Chan?

Or do you think there is someone else that is better at martial arts?

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    Bruce Lee all the way man...

    He is like the Elvis of Kung-Fu movies. With out Bruce Lee, neither of the others would exist. Not to mention, Chuck does Karate...something that Americans invented, not to say that I am against my own country, America, but when you wanna see something that is foreign to this country, such as Kung-Fu was, asians are the best way to go.

    Now Jet-Li is the man, even better than Jackie Chan, he has such great moves, but who paved his way? Bruce. Not one of those grass hoppers will ever be able to take the pebble out of his hand. Bruce Lee is the first, the history, the creator and the emancipator for all martial arts.

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    There seem to be a lot of people here underestimating Jackie Chan. Have these people ever seen Jackies early movies like the Drunken master or Snake in the Eagle's shadow. ackie has great technique and is extremely fast, especially with his hands. Bruce Lee was very often kick orientated.

    Jackie Chan is now over 50 years old and still is in great shape. Bruse couldn't even make it to 40. Jackie also perfomred as a stuntman for Bruce Lee because Bruce couldn't flip through the air or tumble. I'd say Jackie is the best there is at the minute.

    As for huck Norris, he doesn't even rank alongside Lee, Chan or Li.

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    bruce lee was a real life fighting champion jet li is just an actor.

    bruce lee created a real life new fighting style. jet li made cool movies. bruce lee created a mentality that others have adapted and keep today jet li has retired and no one will know him for anyting but the movies he made.

    you do that math

    Jackie chan is an entertaining. Yes he studied wushu for years and years and he could kick some as, but Id take Jet Li who looks much more crisp and deadly about the arts over chang.

    and Chuck norris is a chump. American martial arts training is not as tough as asian training. Plus they were all faster than Norris who doesnt even belong in the same category as either of them.

    And Bruce was all about mastering fighting.

    And if Bruce was alive he would have developed his JKD to combat the newly popular styles that have come about.

    But lets not forget guys...Liddell and Ortiz are alot heavier than Bruce who was around 140.

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    If it was for a title, like the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and they are at the age they are now, or when they passed on. It would be, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris.

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    Bruce Lee. Jakie Chan's style is based on humor, and Chuck Norris isn't invincible. Yes, I know how popular he is, but Bruce Lee's kicks are too fast for ANYONE to block. If you mean modern day, it is Jakie Chan because Norris is over 60 and Bruce is dead. By the way, Karate isn't American, it was invented in Japan on one of the islands.

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    Jet Li. He would kick all there asses at once. Bruce was never a master of any art. He developed his style out of other arts. Jackie kung fu is weak and Chuck.... well Tae Kwon Do Do is a weak art in a real fight. Keep it as a sport

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    Michael Dudikoff! hehe Bruce Lee! Then Jet Li!

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    Bruce Lee. But I think Jackie Chan is more entertaining.

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    Bruce lee is the best he was the man chuck Norris is cool but he sells out with lame total gym commercials.

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    In a match, arranged by a reporter working for the newspaper of the day, Wong was set to fight a Giant Russian boxer named Giko who weighed approx 18-19 stone and towered over Wong by over 12 inches (Wong weighed in at around 9&1/2 stone and 5foot 6inches). The outcome was Wong defeating the Giant with just three punches!

    After the match the reporter asked Wong if he was the "best fighter in the world?"

    Wong replied simply "No ... I am the second best." The reporter's response was "Then who is?" and Wong replied "I have not met him yet."

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