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I think my sciatic nerve is bothering me, what are some remedies?


the hip area

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    Your friendly local neighbourhood Chiropractor!

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    don't ever let a chiropractor crack your back or neck, ever. it is not the nerve that needs to be 'loosened'; the sciatic nerve can be irritated from 2 areas; it is a nerve bundle that get contributions from the back at the nerve roots L4, L5, S1. when you lift something suddenly and do not anticipate the load, you can cause the back muscles to spasm; when they spasm, the nerve roots can be compressed; when the 3 nerves join to form the sciatic, in 20% of us, it travels through a muscle called the piriformis (underneath the buttock/in the pelvis); if that muscle spasms it will pinch off the nerve; in most it will come up and over the gluteus muscle and sit on it superficially, right over where your pocket would be. however you hurt yourself, there usually is one position of perfect, where things calm down; first to get some relief, maybe 10-20% relief if you are lucky, the side of the pain lay on your bed and drop that leg down, that will calms things down

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    Just because you have pain in your leg does not mean it is the sciatic nerve. You must figure out what is causing the nerve or nerves to be irritated and then eliminate the cause. You could ask your doctor for a referral to a physical therapist who could examine you and figure out the cause of your problem.

    Source(s): I am a PT (Physical Therapist).
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    I suffer from it sometimes... the best is to go to doc so as to get some pills for it... do not waste time putting on ointment cause the sciatic nerve is towards the center of the thigh were no ointment will penetrate. the pain killers i was given are called distalgesic but the best thing is to go to a doctor before it gets worse...

    hope you get well soon!

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    One of the best things you can do is...heat the area up,via a bath or heat pack...then lie on your back and slowly and carefully pull your knee up to your chest (one at a time) and hold for 10 seconds. This stretches the muscles and tendons in your leg and thigh and relieves the pain

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    mine's been acting up right *** cheek. Advil or Tylenol...I alternate. Also...stretching seems to help a little. Someone told me a heating pad, but I haven't tried that. But ouch...I hope it feels better...

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    Oooh I suffer from that too

    The only thing that helps me is anti inflamatory pills and rest.

    My sympathies to you - I know how painful it gets

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    My heating pad and some ibuprofen.

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