Is there anything that can help me pay for food for a disabled person other than food stamps?

Since my income is $635 I only qualify for $10 in food stamps. I don't think $300 is enough for food for 1 month for a person who doesn't know how to cook.

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    Local Meals on Wheels may help as well as community meals at shelters and churches. Food banks also. But I think youcan do a lot with $300 a month if you get some aid through DSHS to help you learn to plan meals and basic cooking tips to prepare some semi-home cooked dishes. Also instead of going to restuarants do carry out and visit the deli hot food section of the grocery store. This will save you from tips and overpriced beverages in restuants. I could eat very high on the hog with $300 a month for food for just one adult!

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    There are a lot of churches that give food to the needy and there maybe other minsters that do this outside of the church. You can ask your local department of Social Services, some of the churches may know of others that can help you too. If it's just you, $300 dollars is a lot of food, unless you're planning of eating steak every night. I have a family of four and I spend just a little more than that myself, no steaks though. Use some coupons too, they can save a lot of money and check to see what stores are having to best sales that week. I think you can do pretty good on that if you're careful.

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    You can get free food at many local food pantries and at many

    churches, and you can eat at at some of the churches for free.Check with your local churches and see what they offer, and also some churches will give you vouchers which you can buy food at local grocery stores. I would also recommend shopping at Aldi's store they have good food and lower prices. We shop the sales and Aldi's to get the best values. Best Wishes and Happy Holidays.

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    i live alone but don't spend that much. you can always go to a food pantry., they help out people who need it without any can also find recipes online for nutritious but economical meals

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    meals on wheels ,local churches,

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