Inexpensive gift ideas!?

OK, Christmas is in a week and I still need to get some gifts...what are some inexpensive but nice gifts for my friends (teen girls) and my parents? Help! Any homemade gift ideas? Anything!

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    Pillsbury has some really cute, easy ways to jazz up their ready-to-bake cookie dough. (No, I don't work for them!)

    Rice Krispy treats are also super easy to make and hard to mess up. Dazzle them up with some green and red sugar crystals (sprinkle over warm treats while cooling). Wrap them in colored Saran wrap. Tie with ribbon.

    For your parents, maybe make a committment to do one more thing for yourself this year?

    You can make a certificate:

    From now on, Mom and Dad, I'll be making my own lunch, or doing my own laundry, or helping with dinner once a week?

    Or, you could buy them a movie you think they'll like--maybe one you've heard them talk about from their childhood--and agree to watch it with them at a "Family Movie Night." Same thing with a board game like Cranium.

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    buy some tins at the dollar store and bake cookies. my little sister's friends loved them. or you could make bath salts and stuff. look it up online, there are dozens of different things you can do. My favorite is this: I bought some small lightbulbs for decorative lamps, and some acrylic paint. Just paint the light bulbs with bright colors and christmassy patterns (santa, snowflake, etc.) Then take some embroidery floss or other sturdy string and hotglue it in place near the bulb, on the stem. then wrap it around the stem all the way to the bottom of the bulb and glue it in a loop. make sure the top of your pattern is at the bottom of the bulb. Have fun!


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    create a coupon book of chores or favors the receiver can redeem throughout the year, make it fun, say 12 coupons, one per month,

    among your frinds have a white elephant gift exchange party, link included

  • Cheryl
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    4 years ago

    Apple Artachoke Alphabet soup i don't know i'm drawing a blank lol

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    Make cookies and hot chocolate mixes, you can get recipes on line.

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    for your friends, claire's accessories will do..for sure, they would appreciate it and for you parents, give them a homemade pasta or salad.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    less than $10

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