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If cost were NOT a factor, would you do things that are environmentally "friendly".?

If Hybrids were more affordable, would you drive one?

If solar pannels were cheap would you put them on your roof?

If Trains ran on schedual and were more affordable would you ride one?

If organic foods, and vegitarian foods, cost the same as regular food would you chow on some local produce?

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    Sometimes doing things an environmentally friendly way actually costs less or saves you more money than doing things without the environmental perspective.

    For example, switching your light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use less energy (25 percent less than halogen and 75 percent less than incandescent); though pricier initially, CFLs easily pay for themselves: a 20 watt light bulb last 10 times longer (8,000 hours) then a standard bulb and cost 50 to 80 percent less to use.

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    yes. yes. yes. yes. definitely. I already eat organic and vegetarian food when I can afford it (well, vegetarian food all the time, organic when I can afford it). I dream of affording a hybrid and I'd love to use solar energy, but I live in an apartment, so not much chance of that anytime soon.

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    dun be so pessimistic. by recycling, reusing used materials in the house eg. glass/plastic bottles, plastic bags, cans or shopping bags is already a great effort done saving the environment. some more, did u know food cans can be transformed into pretty artcrafts. u can too help by telling ur friends to do so. if public transport is that bad, wake up early & walk to work. if it's too far, bicycle does the trick. so just stop complaining. by the way, u can cook ur own food, why spend?

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    This question is so easy to answer :)

    Yeah, if money were no object, I would outfit my house with solar panels like crazy until PG&E (my utilities company) went broke.

    I would use the PC more to write projects and stop killing trees with using paper.

    If trains were more affordable (free?) I would ride one, even if it took longer to arrive at my destination.

    In short, I would do anything to forestall global warming and to save the world, one tree/coal/oil barrel at a time.

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    Absolutely. I am of the firm belief that the world's resources are finite and that we have to use them in a most judicious manner. Our children, grandchildren and their progeny have as much of a right to live a happy life as we do. Hence anything that we do to keep the environment clean and productive at all times is certainly worth the effort. Besides the items you have mentioned, there are several things that each one of us can do to live in harmony with nature.

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    Yes, of course. I do buy organic foods like milk and eggs. We don't have much of a public transportation system here, so obviously I don't use that. If I didn't have to pay to recycle through my trash company, I'd do that too.

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    I don't think people literally mean the planet, just like you are saying. Although, I think they mean the planet as we know it now. We would like to keep the planet the way that it is so that we can continue to live here. It is like comparing an average person to a person who is brain dead on life support, if you want to go with the analogies. They are still there, but are they really alive?

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    yes. When we do things we generally weigh them with their consequences (if they are obvious and we care beyond our immediate "fix"), the environmentally friendly choices have had the consequence of taking money we want for other things, so we do not choose them. (We forget to look beyond what we want now, because environmentally unfriendly choices do not seem to have immediate obvious consequences.

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    yes every chance i got if it were poor

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    we should be doing everything in our power to protect mother earth!

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