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my boss said if i dont turn up to work this friday to not bother turning up monday?

whooa - i get a four day weekend!

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    and he probably does not want you to bother turning up ever again.... if you don't show up friday...

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    If you have a genuine reason for not turning up on Friday then you should discuss this with your boss and come to an agreement. If however you have no genuine reason you should go to work.

    If he fires you on Monday (assuming it is not a public holiday) then either use any union you may belong to or use the labour laws that apply in your country.

    If you make a habit of not attending on Friday's or Monday's ie immediately before or after the weekend then the boss will suspect that you are trying it on. And will have every right to warn you about your conduct and if it persists to punish you for your attitude to your colleagues, work and the company.

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    This is crazy cause it seems that friday you are off and monday too being yuou have a four day weekend. It does not seems that your are to be fired or lose the job. Perhaps your boss wants you to fill in and by you being off your are refusing and this can be grounds for termination being a part of your work plan. Otherwise you are in the clear and my question is what is the point?

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    He was trying to give you friday off. I had a boss at a place where working holidays was mandatory. He'd say "want XMas off? take the whole year off." Maybe your boss is just more subtle. But Ii bet you could act dumb, take Friday off and see what happens. You could print these answers to show you had a reasonable basis for your interpretation.

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    Given that he probably meant to say Tuesday, the day after Christmas...

    1. Monday is Holiday pay for those who really need it.

    2. Holiday pay, 2-3x reg., is not a reward for those who bail out on their co-workers during a last minute rush so Everybody can take off earlier...

    3. Employers prefer "team players"... and keep them.

    4. Happy Hollowdaze.........

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    Uh, sounds like you're getting fired. But you could enjoy the four day weekend and then start looking for a job.

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    Sounds like to me you will get more than a four day weekend.

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    you apparently have a work ethic problem with your boss-he doesn't like yours-maybe you cut out on a lot of fridays? bummer you have to work Christmas day though...

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    Monday is Christmas.

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    Thats why he is called boss and you are the peeon. Bosses enforce the rules.

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