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In customs in Japan, what is the procedure for searching someone for contraband.?

I didn't know if anyone has even been searched at customs in Japan. I wanted to know if Japanese customs think you have drugs on you if they can make you take a x-ray or if they will make you take off all your clothes; I heard they make you take off all your clothes except your underware--and if that is the case do they feel around your penis (if you are a man) with their hand?

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    Long story. Won't bore you with details, just will answer the question.

    They do strip searches.

    They take you into a small room, where 5 or 6 guys gather round.

    If you request a dog or a woman to do the search, they apparently hunt around for 10 minutes then come back and tell you its a no-go.

    Then, if you start yelling at the guy in charge and say you dont trust him and tell him to f himself, he meekly leaves and a gentler person takes over.

    When you refuse to strip, they argue for awhile then say you can go.

    And when you are exceptionally drunk and win the argument, and then decide to strip down anyway as a sort of celebration, nobody checks with their hands around your privates.

    This is only me, perhaps others fare differently. Might not be uniform.

    Hope this answers your question.

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    I was searched once!!! Long long time ago though.

    Not a "complete" search like the one Joriental is talking about but they opened my carry on bag and started pulling out all my clothes. (the bag was a big one that had a crap load of clothes)

    They checked every pocket of my pants, every inside pocket of shirts and jackets, they even pulled out every sock and turned it inside out. (This was all done at the customs counter right before the exit to the streets. They didn't take me to another room)

    They took my cigerettes, pulled out every single one of them and sniffed it. (They then putt everything back in to the package and gave it back to me which I thought was nice of them)

    They checked every possible place. Seriously.

    They even told me to take my shoes and socks off and they checked my shoes.

    By then I was getting scared they were gonna ask me to spread my butt cheeks!

    And while I'm doing all this, the other people are going past the other customs counter with not even a slight check.

    I must admit though I was dressed a bit thuggish so I think that was the reason. I wasn't carrying anything so I wasn't scared but people were staring and I was a bit embarrassed.

    All I can tell you is that they are thorough and they will find what they are looking for. That is IF they search you.

    I think majority of the people going in do not get searched. Especially if they are Japanese. I was an exception that day.

    I have seen people from other countries being asked to open their bags though.

    Haven't seen too many caucasians being searched before.

    Usually the ones I see being searched are the people with a darker complextion.

    And leave the drug smuggling to the gangsters dude.

    You don't want to go to jail in a foreign country.

    Have you not seen the movies "Red Corner" and "Brokedown Palace"???

    The cockroach in the ear was enough to convince me that jail sucked!!

    Although Japanese jail systems are known to be clean, kept and orderly.

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    procedures can include anal canal check, manually, or with a romanoscopy, if they have a hunch that you are really carrying drugs, or anything illegal, you can even have your stomach checked!

    why worry ???

    no fire no smoke, kid.... plus there are drug sniffers on both sides of the boarder, yours and Japan's.

    AND that answer about seeing daylight??? it is true! you can be in a detention center for the whole while your court hearing is being done, cause it isn't considered jail!! and that life, young man, is clicked by the clock with every move, eating, bathing, relieving oneself, working, cleaning, wow, you name it, they will have it in schedule.

    so good luck!

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    Wouldn't know!

    But if they catch you out it could be decades before you see daylight again - IF you live long enough to be released..!!

    Only a pig-ignorant fool would try to smuggle drugs into a country with a more severe punishment than their own. I know you don't SAY you plan to do that, but why else would you be so worried?

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    Yes. and one Japanese criminal said on TV, they shoved their finger up your a-s-s. When he wanted to pee, they followed until the bathroom. He had to pee with the door open. He said they were right (1ft)behind you.

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    haha what u flyin in with? man id be more worried about your countries customs then japans...just stuff it in ur carry on or check in luggage

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    Ask Paul McCartney...he knows first hand

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    they only took my luggage through the scanner and thats`s it.

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