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Disorderly Conduct Charge?

I was charged with disorderly conduct in PA and under Nature of offense, it says "small consumption of marijuana". There was no hard evidence against me, except my word of saying I had a very little bit. The other people in the car were charged with the same thing, except for the people who had a small amount of marijuana on them (also had possession under nature of charge). The officer said she was giving us disorderly conduct charges. We got the citation/summary papers and were on our way.

However, when we were leaving, she asked if I was okay to drive. I replied that yes, I was sober. the cop said she was going to let me be on my way because I showed no signs of being intoxicated.

Should I fight it? I mean I kind of incriminated myself, however there is no hard evidence against me, and the officer said I showed no signs of being intoxicated.

if I don't fight it, how much will this affect employment? How long will it be on my record? Can I get it expunged quicker?

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    Talk to a lawyer. Most minor stuff can be dropped if you show up with a lawyer

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    As far as this goes, "disorderly conduct" is typically considered a misdemeanor, which means that your son will experience one of the following: 1.) The judge (or, more likely, magistrate) will allow for some form of probation for your son to show he's grown beyond his antics, and if he keeps a clean record for that duration then the incident will be expunged permanently from his record. 2.) the incident remains, but as it is a misdemeanor, it is not something which will effect his ability to be hired, as only felonies are required to be divulged on an application. Any background check performed my turn it up, but again, employers are not really allowed to use that as the basis to not hire someone. Basically, a "disorderly conduct" charge can be leveled for any number of reasons. It's not really all that descriptive as to what happened - it can be applied to protesters just as easily as schoolkids acting up a bit. So don't sweat it too much, and if you're still highly concerned about its impact then I'd recommend seeking legal counsel, as an attorney may be able to work with the courts to bring about the best possible results.

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    Look up the laws and penalties in PA by visiting the norml website:

    I am unaware of the laws in PA but in NJ if you are convicted of a crime and found not guilty then after a certain period of time dependent on the crime you may have the arrest and court finding of not guilty expunged after that period expires if you are not caught committing a similar infraction. For example a disorderly persons offense can be expunged after 2 years here.

    Should you plead guilty I Would consult an attorney for the best answer to that. Were you read your rights if your were and then you said yes I did smoke some you confessed to the crime. That does not mean you can not get off but it will be harder.

    A disorderly persons offense is a misdemeanor and not too serious but yes future employers could find out if your convicted and they can even find out that your were charged with the offense even if found not guilty.

    Peace and good luck.

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    Disorderly Conduct.......the catch all arrest law! I would fight it! Let the judge decide who is right or wrong: you or police. Don't just lay down and let them lord over you with their ticket.

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    Get a lawyer, see what they say.

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