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QUESTION for MEN .....?

Have you ever dated or had a relationship with a woman who pursued you as opposed to you pursuing her?

I recently have read a few books on relationships and they stated women should not pursue a man if she wants him to be really interested in her.

And I don't mean pursue like stalk or act needy. Just complimenting and showing interest.

It seems like everytime I have shown interest in a guy, he rarely shows interest back. But, if he pursues me first there seems to be more.


I know a woman CAN pursue a man...but the big question is does a man really enjoy being pursued???

I find that men lose interest if a woman pursues him because men are is their nature.

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    That's a load.... Equal rights... why do men have to do all the work.... I love it when a girl pursues me!!!

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    I love when a woman pursues me. Especially since I'm shy at first and never know what to say. I see guys approach and hit on girls and they just seem funny to me. I don't want to be that guy. It takes away a lot of the stress. I've had 4 woman pursue me and they all wound up being longer term relationships. 3 years, 1 1/2 years, 1 1/12 years and 4 years. Even though they didnt work out I am still friendly with all of them today.

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    I worked in a bar as a barback and this redhead would always hit on me week after week until we started going out. It was amazing for just a short couple of months because she had a drinking problem and in the process of a divorce, 3 kids and sleeping around BIG time. Needless to say not all women are like that but most guys would prefer to be the aggressor.

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    I had a girlfriend like that. it mades me uncomfortable at times. maybe because us guys are not used to that, not that many smart women out there to really take care of their guy, it is almost like i just casually mention something, anything, and it happens or whatever,, my hair, i have long hair, she said the shampoo i used was wrecking my hair, bam next day i have this smelly shampoo and conditioner to use now. oh then i have the 1 time a week other conditioner to do, that stings.. so i don't know, i like it, i hate it, be careful and "read" what he likes, if you really care, then follow that, not the "what you think he wants" route. dont smother him, if you see that he doesn't like something, remember that, what ever works for you 2 is what is best. not me or anyone else, pay attention and you will see what you need to see.

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    Sure. Who hasnt? And there is no 'rule' that says women should not pursue what they find attractive. That is some old prudish archaic wives tale that is outdated. That kind of advice promotes egotism and inequities among the sexes. Be moderate. Take it slow. Let him know that you find him appealing. But dont inundate him with streaming phonecalls or excessive attention. If he is likewise attracted, he will reciprocate. If he doesnt, its his loss and your que to keep moving, but keep him in mind.

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    I personally don't like a woman who's persuading me. It makes her look desperate, in some cases chip. I like to do the talking, but if she shows interest in me, most of the time I can tell, then it's my turn to begin a conversation with her and ask her out.

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    the people who wrote those books are BIG morons,If a woman wants to pursue a guy she like then she can,

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    I have had just two major relationships. In both cases, the woman and I were in pursuit of the other concurrently and they're both over today. Yeah, seems to be something to that...

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    u should be yourself & not play games, if you want to be truly happy dont care about what other people think

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    if a woman starts persuing me then i start thinking she is nuts or something and i walk away

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