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What does the "DNASP" of a Dish Network satellite receiver mean?

I am looking on eBay for a high-definition satellite receiver to use with my Dish Network service. A lot of the listings mention the receiver's "DNASP" in the auction details. For example, a Dish Network 811 model auction says it has a DNASP of "102 Rev. 283". What does this mean? Does the DNASP determine if I will be able to use the receiver with my service?

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    Older DiSH Network receivers used a smart card to control subscriptions.

    DNASP refers to the kind of access software and smart card that is used to provide the subscription.

    The DNASP needs to match the appropriate smart card, but it's not easy to find.

    People who care about DNASP are usually trying to "hack" the service. Legitimate subscribers can get a new access card for any receiver from DiSH Network customer service.

    Just call up DiSH Network and ask them if the receiver you want to buy can be added to your subscription. They will tell you if you need a new smart card or not.

    Source(s): I'm a DiSH Network enthusiast.
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