Creating a Cell Charger with LED to Easily find it in darkness?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Assuming your question is, Should one create a Cell Charger with LED so that user can find it in the dark?

    Some charger do have LED indicators which lights up RED when charging and GREEN when full. That is useful.

    But to just have LED to find it in the dark, not too useful. Unless it is a travel charger.


    Well, it have to be pluged in to lights up the LED, right? So, if it's pluged in, then you'd already know where it is.

    For travel charger on the other hand, you may go to places you are not too familiar where the outlet was, ie. forget where it is.

    Having the LED on them will help you a little. Also, the Bright LED could remind you to take the charger when you about to leave the place.

    But, if one wants to put LED on the charger, he might as well make it as an indicator to make it more useful.

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