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Why do people keep popping out kids?

They are having a huggies drive at my local library. I found the whole thing really depressing. People used to have to have children in the agrarian age for farming, but not now. I was severly abused as a kid at am very sensitive about this issue. I greive for these children more than I reflect on my own suffering. Thanks


No one is taking the point that there is a direct link between poverty and child abuse.

Why have a kid if you can not afford to.

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    so they can live off of welfare and huggies drives. i grew up in an extremely abusive home also. i feel the same way. it just isn't fair.

    just for the record though, welfare does do great things for some people. i like to hear success stories of single parents climbing out of hell.

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    I think I see where you are going with this. It seems you are equating poverty with abuse? Perhaps because if parents are unable to support and supply their children with basic needs they may take it out on their children? Unfortunatly people are having children when they really shouldn't. We have all seen them and thought things when we do see them. It is nice to be able to provide our children with everything. Some people do fall on hard times with no fault of their own. We have all seen that happen also. I guess these things have to be there to help everyone whether we think they are deserving or not, whether we believe they should reproduce or not. We should not be judging others (we are all guilty of this). Hopefully if a parent is able to provide better with less stress, then they can be happier with their choices to become a parent and this will reflect on how their children are raised.

    I have 2 kids and one on the way but we have never had a handout (and I don't look down on anyone that has, we could all use a helping hand sometimes) from anyone. It must be hard for a parent to admit they need help to diaper/feed/clothe their child. I have been lucky that I could stay home with my kids. We do without alot but my kids are happy and want/need for nothing and these are choices my hubby and I made.

    I am soo sorry you had an unhappy childhood. Try not let it affect how you see things now. Maybe you should talk to someone and confront your feelings. It is not healthy to feel this sadness (and possibly resentment?) towards children. Take care of yourself..

    EDIT>> you mentioned noone made the association between poverty and abuse.. I think I covered that is what I thought you were getting at?

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    I have 5 children which I love very much. My husband and I have worked hard to get buy a house to put my children in. They might not have everything in the world, even if I did have all the money in the world I wouldn't get them everthing. Not everyone abuses their children because they don't have money. There are times when things go really good for us but my husband has had a few injuries which has put him out of work and we needed a government handout to feed the family until he got back on his feet. Everyone can go through a rough patch and things can be tough but no one like to be in that situation. Some people out there really are careless but not everyone just pops out a child and abuses them when things are tough.

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    You really need to re-think what you are saying.

    Just because you library is having a huggies drive does mean that. 1 some one is having too many children.2. that having too many children means they are automatically going to be abused.

    Am I right in thinking that you thought it was OK to have more children in the 'farming age'. As if because we do not farm now we do not need that many children.?

    I think you need to seek counseling for your past abuse.

    Good Luck

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    I'm sorry you were abused, but why should your bad experience limit the children for the rest of us?

    Women are biologically meant to bear children. My husband and I are planning on having a large family of 4-6 children. Does that make me a bad person because we feel the need to have a large family?

    It's nothing to do with religion or agriculture, it's the fact that this is what we want to do. We have the financial means, and we are going for it.

    Does that really make me a bad person?

    You can't stop the world from having kids because you had a bad experience. There are children in Africa who are going to die before they hit 2 due to starvation. What about the Chinese who are only allowed one child?

    People have kids. Deal with it.

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    Most people have children because they want them, and have a part of themselves to live on. I am sorry that you were abused, but not all children are abused. Most are loved and really cared for.

  • Just because you were abused as a child doesnt mean that everyone is going to abuse their kids. Although there are a few exceptions of phsyco parents doesnt mean that all of them are. There are more parents who love their children then parents who abuse and make their children suffer!

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    why do u knock what others do? I think youre jelous. So what if you were abused, just because of a child is born or unexpected DOES NOT MEAN the child is unwanted, there is no such thing as an unwanted child. People have kids and it is a womans DUTY to have a child, as intended by nature.

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    I'm sorry you were abused whats a huggies drive? and I'm 13 weeks a going to be a wonderful mother! so!

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    It's evolution: woman's genes which are related to having more children, have a greater chance of survival. If it wouldn't, then woman wouldn't have children..., thus the human race would then die out.

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