what would a good definition be of a controlling man? just met a gal 2weeks ago already left me for some one?

she just got out of a 10 month relationship with a guy that also dated/slept with her sister too,found me had a fling now left me for another this time a married man,acused me of being controling and not sinsere, hey i was lied to and figured it out my self just told her i have lost all respect for her, you think she might have a problem?


she is 27 i'm 54 she came after me,she is the goth type piercings tatoos dyied black hair ,black nail polish listens to group Garbage. told her in the beginning she wasn't my type,also she has 4 children from a previous 10 year relationship never married

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    There is alot to that question... because a man can be controlling in more than just one area. He can be controlling through manipulation to get what he wants or another by threatening her. Telling her what she can and cannot do. What she can wear, when she can go out , who, what, where and when. It is really unhealthy and not a REAL genuine love for the other person. It is self centered and hurts both. Both need trust and freedom to become who they are and grow together...... letting each have that space. About your other question........ it looks like she is looking for someone or something to fill a void. She may have trust issues etc. Don`t know enough about her life to make any comments. Just don`t get bitter and learn. Don`t jump into a relationship too fast.......... find out about the person and get to know them. ( Not physically)

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    A controlling man wants to know what you are doing all the time- tell you what to wear, who your friends can be, be manipulative, manage you and your time- she sounds like a mess- and is bouncing from bed to bed - is she manic or what??? you only invested 2 weeks - so you have not lost much- and glad you were honest- D

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    Seems like she has got a problem, maybe from her boyf sleepin with her sis, she's trying to prove to herself that she is attractive and desired, hence the married man, because she probably thinks he must find her better than his wife to be cheating with her. She'll wake up one day, find yourself another girl who is more secure.

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    of course she has a problem. getting with a married man?

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