What does this mean? PLease? What should i do?

For those who think this isnt worth answering, no need to post an angry answer please.. just skip my question..

My exboyfriend and I are broken up for almost two years already. In the past two years he had been trying to come back to me but it just feels like he's ready and then he's not again until i got sick and nearly died that he became so persistent and so ready. Yet, the way i look at it he's still the same, he hasnt changed. He still doesn't care much, and now that he's vacationing in a different country, he hasn't even contacted me, and whenever i tell him to stop playing games with me, he would beg me to give him a chance and not totally close the door and so i would because i still love him and then again.. there he goes again.. he won't do anything to work it.. just letting time pass by.. it's a dilemma cause I love the guy but the way he's going on.. it seems that i have no place in his life..

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    It sounds yo me like he is trying to keep you on the 'back burner'. I would say you need to move on.

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    Sounds like you're the one he plans on running to when the other(s) don't work out. Been there - played those games. I put up with a guy who pulled that crap for over a year and all it did was send me into a depression. He'd want me one week and then I wouldn't hear anything from him for another week and on and on this went. I had to say "GOODBYE" to the guy and I've never felt better!! I even moved away from the town just to get away from all the drama and start over. No one should have to put up with that crap! Sounds like he and you need to move on - you'll be amazed at how much better it feels once you have that closure in your life! You need to find someone that 'genuinely' cares for you; not one who wants you to be there "when he's ready". Good luck and feel better! :)

    Source(s): Personal experience, drama, depression from it!
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    I think you know what needs to be done. You know he is stringing you along and you know he hasn't really changed. He says he's ready to be with you because he wants to have you there but not HAVE you for himself. The reason he "suddenly" isn't ready when you are willing is because it keeps you waiting. He wants you to be in his life but Im sorry to say he doesn't want to be "tie down" or however you want to call it. he is "ready" untill you are and then he runs because this way works for him in the sense that he can be around you and have you there with him but he doen't want a relationship. I'm sorry but you know this already. In your heart you do. Just tell him that you are ready to be in a relationship and that he can't keep putting it off. If he is ready then he will but most likely he will stall and make excuses. If he does anything to backpedal that is your cue that you need to tell him that you aren't going to be his toy that he keeps in his pocket. I don't know if you are willing to stay friends then just tell him that you aren't interested in being in any kind of relationship with him and a friendship will do. I hope I have helped and good luck. :)

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    if hes not going to put u on his top priority level then i think u shud drop him...everyone deserves the best and if hes not even willing to pick up a dam phone or pencil to write u wats the point. why shud u try so hard to make it work if hes not even going to meet u haf way!? its not worth it...trust me...

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    feel better...

    i think u should give the guy ONE last chance n if still doesn't work let it go...it's hard 2 let go but sometimes u have to

    w/e it is...it's ur decision.

    good luck with everything.

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    I think that you should move on but if you think that is trying one more time with him just give him a chance and if he f.. up again just forget him and do not waist your time.

    Good luck!

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    I think u answered ur own question pretty well; U do realize that he doesn't have time nor care for u.

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    Forget him. Move on.

    He's playing games.

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