why do men think that looking at other women while their woman is standing there is ok?

why do men do this? dont they know it is disrespectful. yes true enough they have to see with their eyes but to down right make it obvious that they see another woman appealing while their woman is standing there is dog gone rude.

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    girl i know just what you are talking about.i don't have a problem with my man looking at other woman it is just human nature.for him to do it in front of me is totally crossing the line that is when he would get slapped upside his head. it is guys that do that, that make woman have eating disorders,us woman in some way believe it or not are always trying tio make ourseleves look good so we can meet thier standards.so men if you are reading this you wanna look at other woman that's fine(look but don't touch)

    but kinda do it whan your woman is not present or noy paying attention we have feelings .also to please your woman more tell her she is beautiful every once in a while a woman loves to here that.

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    Well unless youve met every man of every age ethnicity &culture, that is a verry broad [no pun ment] question. There is certainly nothing wrong with admiring without desiring. None of us,even you, will ever stop looking at pretty or outstanding people. Especially we visually stimulated men, who might learn to curb it out of consideration for delicate female feelings, but it will never go away completely. Give him time and room to accomplish moderation in his 'gazing'.

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    I don't know why they do it! The &hit pisses me off and I just walk away before I commence to bash the back of his head in. My guy was looking at another girl as we were shopping this weekend. I give it to her on her bottom, but the girlfriend had a wicked witch of the south face. I came in on the part when he was staring in her face, he may have been trying to see why she was so darn UGLY! I still wanted to #uck him up though. He kills me with that bull, so that's why I look gazingly into some, super fine @ss,dudes face for at least 1 minute. I say afterward, " I think I know him from some where". He gets so pissed off. I laugh it off, because I know that we're just looking.

  • zimba
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    they just arent as sensitive. try doing the same thing, looking at men, even if u dont like them, make it seem like u find them really hot. If your man gets jealous he may stop becasue he may realise how it makes u feel. If he doesn't I wouldnt worry too much because it's not doing any harm, its not as though he's going to ask her out or anything. Men are just more visual.

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    As a happily married man, I can say that I will occasionally check out another woman's form from time to time, without feeling inappropriate. Generally, when I see acts of open jealousy, they represent to me an insecurity in the relationship. To look at another woman who is obviously attractive, doesn't mean I don't find my wife beautiful. I likewise don't feel bad when she checks out other men, since I feel secure enough in our relationship to know that I can trust her to not act inappropriately. I know that she still finds me attractive, as I do her. So what's the harm?

    It is unrealistic to expect your partner to become numb to the opposite sex. It is very human to look at another person you find physically attractive. It is inappropriate to act on it, but to look causes no harm.

    I will say that there is a certain portion of the population of both men and women who go out of their way to do so, merely to create a reaction. Then there are those who overreact over everything, fearing that their partner does not care for them, because they do not trust their partner themselves. So which are you?

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    lets be honest, dont the women do the same, the very women who are being stared at, are actually with their own men, so why do they bother to stare back, wats up with tat, this is not an issue, talk it to ur guy but in a joking way,u can easily get over it . good luck, and yes believe in your man, not believing might lead to some real probs give him his space, we deserve it. peace..

  • NoMaD!
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    They don't most know better or have more respect for the woman they are with than that. Don't blame every man for doing what your loser does. Its your bad selection process in men that got you into this situation, you need to ask yourself why you continue to allow it to happen.


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    I've been in this situation with my ex. What I've learned from this experience is that men that do this are extremely insecure. They are so insecure that they want to make you insecure too. So if your BF is doing this and he doesn't stop when he knows it upsets you then leave him. You deserve so much better.

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    I dunno. My wife people watches all the time. Also, women are more emotional and she reads trashy romance novels, so should I be affended that the book is touching her emotionally? Men are more visual, yet we get in trouble for being that way. I guess if he's outright staring, it's pretty rude. But cut him some slack for a few glances. :)

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    Apparently some men are crude, rude and idiots= no thank you- mine is not like that- if he were to strain his neck- I'd say- why don't you take a picture??? D

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