Ganglion cysts i have one on my foot?

its killing me i just want it out i dont have health insur. right now the pain is unreal what should i do

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    Go to the ER- they wont charge you-- the procedure is simple- they numb the area and insert a needle into the cyst and drain the thick jelly-like fluid. They will also have the fluid tested to see if has any type of bacteria. The pain will go away and you shouldn't have any more problems.

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    i had a ganglion cyst on my ankle several years ago. i actually had an appt to go to the dr. to have it taken care of (not actually sure what the dr planned to do) however the night before i was chasing my 4 year old across the room and i accidentally hit that ankle on the leg of a coffee table. i guess i hit the right spot because instantly i no longer had a ganglion cyst!! also, it was no where near as painful smashing it as it had been having it in the first place!! i later talked to the dr about it and thats when he told me that it used to be normal treatment for them in the medical community was to smash them with a heavy book. so, if its good enough for doctors it should be good enough for you.

    oh, in case you are wondering -- that was over 20 years ago and i have not been bothered by it since!

    Source(s): myself and a now retired doctor
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    My sister had one on her wrist. My mum grabbed a thick hard cover book (dictionary?) and smacked it down on the cyst. It hurt straight up but it actually should pop the cyst. Get someone you trust to do it and make sure they hit the sweet spot.

    Sounds bad but it does work, mum worked as a nurse and a medical receptionist

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    i had no insurance but had a what i thought was a large one on my wrist, it hurt so bad at work one day i took a wooden ruler and kept hitting harder and harder till it burst. hurt doing it but was worth the relief afterward

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  • 1 decade ago

    try hitting something on it firmly for example a bible, if you can stand the pain for the second it pops sometimes it has been known to work, depending how big it has gotten or how painful it is.

    Source(s): i had one on my wrist of my arm it got big enough i hit it on accident, but hard enough to make it bust, seconds later i noticed it was gone i didnt fell no pain besides the pain i felt when i hit the chair with my wrist.
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    aren't ganglion cysts calcium deposits. My mother had them on her wrists and the doctor dropped a nice heavy book on them to break up the deposit. It worked....

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    Well, they say, if you hit it hard ... with something hard, it'll burst. I have one on my thumb, and as much as it hurts sometimes ... I think I'll opt out on the slammin' it with somethin' .... yeeeeowch!!

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