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Can a long distance relationship work?

I went out with a guy for barely a month but now he's 9 hours away. He wants to have a long distance relationship, but I'm worried that our relationship is not strong enough yet. It sucks because we're both crazy about eachother and he's an amazing guy. He would only be able to visit me a couple times a year. Do you think it could work?

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    well dunno if it could work but im tryin 2 make the same thing work w/me...only my guy lives across the ocean and promises me the world in 2yrs...

    we won't b able 2 see each other for 9months this year...and we're both goin crazy

    but we both know we have 2 do it 4each other...

    u can do it too

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    I live 7 states away from my significant other. Of course our situation is different because we've been together for almost 3 years before the distance came into play. You have to dig deep and think about it... Is it worth it? Can you see a deep relationship forming or just a fling? After you know those answers you can answer your own question. I say why not give it a try.

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    I would say it could but it depends how yall feel bout eachother cuz even though u think u r in love it could be just an ilusion. u could be his chick on the side and that woldnt be right. after a while u will kno if it can work.

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    long distance relationships are very difficult, and a mass majority of the people involved in the long distance relationships cheat because they believe that there partner will not find out...and sadly,most never do find out......

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    There are way too many risks involved. A relationship is difficult enough without spending physical time together.

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    yes they can work i have had relanships that was lotance myself it is boring to start out with but in time it could pay off.9. houes isnt thaat far off in my opion it,s called careing. my opion?

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    Tell him to send you pubes every so often. And you send him panties. You don't want his underwear he probably shyts his pants like a 2 year old.

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    Have faith girl this day and age any thing can work.. just believe

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