Is it possible that time moves backwards not fowards?


What I mean is it possible that time flows backwards. It flows toward you from the future, and the more or faster the activity, the faster time flows. Time is created, in a sense.

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    From a conscious entity's viewpoint, time can seem to move either way. We commonly think in terms of cause and effect, and it is easy to establish 'reverse' cause & effect chains that make sense. But, really, we can think of time as moving in any number of directions and/or dimensions. Why stick to the conventional metaphor of time as a unidirectional flow? It doesn't really fit our experience, does it?

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    Time moves backwords, when we reminisce. When time is moving backward, we can't create anything new.But that doesn't stop time from moving forward.

    There is one palce where time is neither moving forward nor is it moving backward - the place is called the Middle East.

    Time stalls and does not advance forward when people are in utter despair. However, time does not continuously go back though.

    Seems like the answer to your question is NO.


    Now some fun. Just imagine it was possible that time moves backwords and not forward. Life would have been very ineresting then. Here's what I collected from the Internet:

    Recyling the Life Cycle


    The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends.

    I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time - and what do you get at the end of it?


    What's that, a bonus?

    I think the life cycle is all backwards.

    You should start out dead. Get it out of the way.

    You wake up in an old age home, feeling better every day.

    You eventually get kicked out for being too healthy and go collect your pension.

    When you're too young to be retired anymore, you get a job - and on your first day they give you a gold watch.

    You work 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement.

    You're promiscuous, you drink alcohol, you party - so you'll know all the pitfalls and can be more responsible when you get to high school.

    You end high school as a freshman and get to make fun of all the seniors who are just starting.

    You go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities.

    You become a baby, and then get to spend your last nine months floating peacefully with all the luxuries of a five-star hotel - central heating, spa, room service on tap, and larger quarters every day.

    And finally, you finish your life as an orgasm.

    Doesn't this make more sense?

    Attributed to comedian Sean Morey

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    If I understand you right, you're asking if everything has already happen, and we sort of run into it after the fact. The problem with you question is that time does not move at all. We move through space-time. Much the way you would walk accross your room instead of the other side of your room coming to meet you. All remotely reasonable theories on time travel involve the manipulation of natural laws to arrive at different points on a forward-moving time line. I don't think actually travelling backwards on a time line is even concievable. Would you even be cognizant of it as you continuously forget everything you just did?

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    Hi noyesno !!!

    NO !!!! Time could never move backwards!!!! That is only in watches and clocks. To coveninetly acomodate us to when we can benefit from the "sunlight". That's why is also called

    "TIME SAVING", when the days seem to be shorter, because we loose sunlight.

    When you here a person tell another, "you are moving or going backwards" this referrs to the person, did something in

    "IN THE PAST", and is actually doing the same thing again.

    Time has to do everything with the amount of times and speed the Planet Earth actually turns, on it's "AXEL" in relation to the sun and the other planets!!!! Also the movement of planets in "THE MILKY WAY", UP IN SPACE!!!!

    Therefor if "AS THE WORLD TURNS" is in a clock wise

    fashion, turning to the right; time coundln't possible move backwards, to the left!!!! That will actually means, that the Planet Earth; will need to turn "COUNTER-CLOCK wise". The day this happens; everything will come to a "SUDDEN HALT"; STOPPING this mommentum, as the world turns will be catastrophic,to everything on it. That includes you and me!!!

    So it is very clear, that when people "GO BACK IN TIME",

    they are using their memories, and life experiences to to take them there.

    But if you know about something that I don't, referring to moving time backwards, please let me know, because I want to be 25years of age again. I will go back with you and live my life without making the same mistakes. That'll be totally "COOL"!!!!!!

    Any way, they way that life is fashion, in the purseu of happines and perfection, is NOT actually going back; but moving forward, with the conviction that we can learn from our own mistakes, we made, in "THE PAST TIME"!!!!


    There is a very intresting future and is just waiting for you to be unfold!!!! Have fun, live, respect and love!!!!



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    1 decade ago

    Well everything is interpretation, but in this case no. The time we know is forward only, and no rest for the wicked. Time in our world is by a clock calculated by an ephemeris. I suggest you go to for further study into time. This will fascinate you how we are on the clock but nothing else is, meaning, the clock we go by is not the same as the galaxy or universe. Although we calculate everything by the Universe and the ephemeris, and mostly unknown to the public. This is the real clock, and it goes forward or infinity.

    Time and space is infinitive, but on earth we are limited.

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    Yes, there is such a theory.

    But it's one of the things we would be unable to understand with our unaided minds.

    Just like, when we haven't gotten off our seat, we have actually been going through space at an incredible rate, while the earth revolves around the sun.

    Hundreds of thousands of miles, I was gonna say an hour, but it might be a minute, and we can't feel that.

    Time could be the same way.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes it is possible.

    By magnetizing the entire earth to rotate in one the opposite way, just like a magnet the molecules connect with the magnetic pulse attracting to one another.

    In the same sense reversing this polarity will cause the same affect.

    When astronauts fly and stay in space for 3 years, 5 years have passed in the earth, due to the polarity disposition of the earth's pull.

    So in a sense demagnetizing the earth's rotation and turning it opposite will in turn, bring back time.

    Eistein believed in this theory.

    If you are more interested, read:

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    theoretically, perhaps it's possible. if it is on celluloid, then definitely time can move backwards and forwards. no matter what time moves forwards only. accept it or don't.

    sometimes, we have to hold back our wishes otherwise they may go completely out of control.

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    Yeah. Our laws have been going backwards for years.

  • zimba
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    1 decade ago

    i dont think so.. backwards would imply going over a space you have already been, likeif u walked backwards, you've already walked over that space forwards, then gone back over it. also the time on clocks goes forwards numerically. i know that version of time is man made but still..

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