being on adderal and not ADHD?

ive been taking adderal lately to get a high.. if your here to lecture me i dont want to hear it.. just back the hell off its my life.. but for you others.. i occasionally take adderal, and i take random UA's for most drugs. what would adderal come up as, if it comes up as anything?

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    Adderal will cause your urine to test positive for amphetamines for approximately 3-4 days after your last dose.

  • Generic Adderal = Anphetamine Salts.

    Being on a very small dose myself, (with a perscription)

    I would not say coming down is a *****, but you will wonder why you are not getting more done.

    My advice to even small stimulant users is...

    Coffee is safer, cheaper and will not get you busted.

    Its long term effects are documented, and safe, if not actually good for Alsheimers, it has been shown.

    Anphetamines, in your case, can cause paranoia, can be expensive, and after you lose your job, you may some day be discussing it with someone else.

    I have the same comment to Cocaine Users too. Just as a matter of comparison, you would do better on Coffee. If not just for the paranoia and the quality of your friends,

    The only reason I do not do coffee more myself, is that it causes major mood swings in me. So I like diet Coke,

    But also, I am diagnosed as 1/2 ADD which means very easily distracted.

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    adderal is a stimuland, basically pharmacutical grade speed. it'll come up as such on a drug test. It would come up as an amphetamine, and unless you have a prescription it would look VERY bad on a UA. (I took it for a while to get high, but after a few doses over a few days it stops working so well, and you'll find you need it to just feel normal. I'm not trying to judge you here, I'm just saying be careful, because it can be VERY hard to come off of adderal if you take it too often, and withdrawals are a b**ch.)

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    ADHD drugs do the same thing to your brain as cocaine. It is very dangerous to take any perscription medication that is not perscribed to you, but Adderal is worse than most. Not only can you become addicted to adderal, but if you do not need it it can cause permanent brain damage. Adderal increases the level of dopamine, norenepherine, and seratonin in your brain. This may sound like a good thing, but what ends up happening is your synapses get fried because of the excess. It kills your receptors in your brain. When you go off Adderal and other amphetamines your brain cannot function on the regular amounts of dopamine, norenepherine, and seratonin. This means the feelings of euphoria and focus will not come back with the same amount of drug, you will need more medication to get the same effect, which will lead to greater dependence and more problems when you go off the medication.

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    Ah yes, Adderal. My son (17 and does not had ADHD or any reason to be taking it, besides the high) is doing the same thing. I can tell when he's been taking it, because he's very philosophical and (even stranger) interested in me and what I'm doing! : )

    I bought an OTC Drug Test...which is now sold at almost every major retailer. I recommend buying one to see what shows up.

    And, yes, my son tested positive for Amphetamine.

    You are cetainly not the Lone Ranger in this...according to my son, who goes to a High School with over 3,000 students, it's quite common. But as I told him, still illegal.

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    Unfortunately for you Crystal B is correct. Adderal will make you test positive for meth. My ex roommate lost a job over it. If you're supposed to be taking it that's one thing but to take it just to get your jollies is another. You tell us to back the hell of it "your" life well if you don't want to hear what we have to say then don't post here.

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    Adderall is an amphetamine that inhibits the production of dopamine and norepinepherine which tend to imbalance in ADHD. They are classified as a C-II drug because of the dependence a patient's body will develop rather quickly. As far as testing for them goes in a drug screening, they will most certainly show up since adderall is little more than glossed down Ritalin. Its also gaining street popularity due to the fact it comes in a XR (12hr release) formula which results in a prolonged high. In general the medication taken twice a day takes an average of 1 week to work itself out of the urine after only one day of using and 3 weeks to work itself out of the blood in the average 130lbs patient.

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    As a stimulant. Same category as methamphetamine. In other words you'll be in trouble.

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