is it wrong that i think my bf is lying to me ?

my bf is really really really hot headed when it comes to certen bf had a party at his house and his friend tried to rape me.and i told my bf but i was really scared to because he broke 8 of a guys ribs just because he raised his voice to my bfs lil sister.he is only violent when it comes to a man hurting or yelling at a women. and i told my bf and exspected him to explode.

but i was really suprised because he just stood up gave me a hug and said " that guy must have really hurt you and im sorry for that but as long as im around no one will ever hurt you." and i told him i didnt want him to hurt the guy who tried to rape me and again i exspected him to exsplode and he promised he wouldnt.

is it wrong that i think hes lying ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hell no dumb is lousy dumb bleep and move on and turn him into the cops for raping you

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