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Christians: Since studies have shown the less education equals a greater belief in God?

Do you feel that sending your child to university threatens your religion?

If so, would you try to persuade your child not to seek higher education in an effort to save his/her soul?

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    Yes I would .

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    Public education nowadays is nothing more than indoctrination into atheism. So why should we be surprised that the more education(indoctrination) you have the less you will believe in God.

    As I have said before in other answers, It seems to me that the intelligent design answer to the evolution question is irrefutable. It simply says that design in the universe is undeniable. The law of cause and effect says that wherever you find design you must have a designer somewhere. Since the cause must have everything the effect does and the effect(the universe) has intelligence, the cause(the designer) must also have intelligence. So you need an intelligent designer of this universe. But who could design a universe outside of a God. You call Him whatever you want to call Him. I call Him a God. That refutes evolution since evolution says that everything came about by random chance. The I.D. argument, it seems to me, is irrefutable. It's a simple logical argument:

    Premise #1: Wherever you find design, you need a designer.

    Premise #2: The universe exhibits design

    Conclusion: The universe needs a designer.

    The only way around that argument is to deny the second premise. Every atheist has to deny design. As I've said before, If you read Richard Dawkins two latest books('the blind watchmaker' and 'the god delusion') that's exactly what he does. He denies design. He says that there's no design in the universe, just the "appearance of design". But that's insane. You just can't logically and realistically deny that there's design all through the universe. It's all around you. You have to be blind not to see it. There are branches of science that basically just study the design in nature.........scientific disciplines such as nano-technology and bio-mimetrics. These disciplines study the design in nature.......whales,bats,dolph... have sonar.......and try to create machines that mimic that design. Everywhere you look there's design. Where there's design there's got to be a designer. That's just common sense. Creation is not an unproven theory. It's a common sense fact that we come to by just using a little logic and reason.

    You look at bats. They do not fly by sight. They can barely see in the day but they sleep in the day. They are nocturnal creatures. They do all their activities at night and at night they are blind. They fly by means of sonar. They send out sound waves through their nose as they are flying. If those sound waves bounce off something and come back at them, they pick them up and know that they are heading toward something and need to veer in a different direction. Somehow they know how fast they are flying and they know that sound travels at 723 MPH and as they fly they continue to send out sound waves so they continue to get updated information. Given enough info(and continued updated info) a mathematician could sit down with a pencil and paper and some calculus equations and figure out how far the bat was from the object and with the right info could even figure out if the object the bat is heading toward is stationary or moving toward the bat or away from it. But that would take time and if the bat took that much time he’d be flying into trees and telephone poles and other things. We have developed computers that can do that in a second. That's what sonar is all about. The bat has a computer in his head that can figure that info out in a nanosecond. It knows what it is heading for without being able to physically see. It's flying by instruments(as pilots would say). Do you really think that the sonar equipment that is in the bats head just came about by random chance(read....luck) natural processes? You do if you're an atheist.

    Paly's argument of the 1700's still holds today. He said that if you are walking through a forest and you find a watch sitting upon a rock, you have 2 possible explanations: 1)It was designed and built by a watchmaker 2) It came about the same way the rock that it is sitting upon came random chance. Which explantion makes more sense?

    I would put my kids in a christian college or a very conservative university(there are still some around). I would want my kids to get a good education without having to put their brain on the shelf and let the politically correct thought police think every thought for them.

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    I have been to college and I have to say that there were theories taught there that challenged my faith. I would say that having gone and encountered these different viewpoints actually strengthened my faith. However I do believe that the main problem is not with universities. I believe the problem is that most Christians have a marginal understanding of their own faiths. We live have entered a very rational age and faith is at his very essence hard to prove. I think that Christians should but the Bible in its proper place and not make it out to be something that it is not. It is the revelation of God's love to man and our path to redemption. It is not a history, psychology, science, or even law book. The more educated you are, the better you can throw off attacks that do not matter. You avoid the tangle. I would teach my children how to avoid the tangle.

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    it's true that there are ignorant Christians but it's also true that there are extremely intelligent, well educated Christians. It's also true that there are ignorant atheists as well as well educated atheists. Intelligence means nothing when it comes to believing in God.

    Paul wrote in I Corinthians 1:26-29: "Brothers, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things--and the things that are not--to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him."

    God has never particularly sought out the rich, beautiful, and powerful to serve him. Nor has IQ been the deciding factor. Moses, after all, spoke with a stutter. Peter had a temper, spoke before he thought, was a coward, and a poorly educated fisherman. Mary was not special in any way except for the fact that she loved God. The shepherds that spread the word of Jesus' birth were a despised class who were so mistrusted in Jewish society that their word was not accepted for testimony in a court of law. Paul was a murderer and a zealot. In spite of their shortcomings, God managed to turn them into spectacular examples of achievment with monumental accomplishments that have changed the world.

    You many remember that Jesus himself was only a carpenter. However, if he'd never been born the world you would be living in now would be drastically different now--and your life would not be improved. It would be a dark world filled with ignorance, death, slavery, subjugation, and cruelty. The United States would never even have been conceived of much less fought for.

    Ignorance isn't a requirement for belief, and belief hasn't stopped the world from becoming a better place in which to live.

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    I know very smart Christians, but the education they measure is the same education that all the druggys are receiving and the party crowd, there comes being pried from God, the more other ideas people have the more appt they are to wonder from God, hey to all of you punks who think telling God to eat shti and die is cool, its not, meth is a better option then that, I know from expirence, that was a pretty bad time for me, but when I came to God in prayer again and begged forgiveness and for the torture to stop it all instantly ended. Not saying that he will heal you anything you snap your fingers, merely saying that he will reward us all, and sometimes lacking health and wealth is a test of faith, such as the case of Job. It will test your Christian devotion as a university would, here in Colorado at CU there are many wiccan witches, they recruit large numbers because people get brain washed and convinced it is the way, when all Christians know it is not. Go in Christ

    Source(s): John 3:16, John 14:6, John 5:24-25
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    The issue of ignorance and faith begin in Genesis chapter 2. God tells Adam and Eve they can eat from every tree except one: the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God said if you eat it you will surely die. Satan said, No you won't. A & E tried it and didn't die. They did, however, discover that they were naked.

    If you don't eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil you have salvation, you will not die. If you seek knowledge, you will die.

    The reward for ignorance is eternal salvation in the here after. The reward here is poverty, stupidity, bigotry, racism, and war.

    Well educated people have the ability to negotiate differences that are not available to bigots or the intolerant who are unwilling to yield from their preconceived notions. The educated are open to new ideas and can solve problems more effectively than to rely on a myth for all answers. Religion is the anti-science.

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    Im at a university right now and I dont know anyone whos faith has been threatened by education. Most people I know have become stronger in their faiths since the beginning of college

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    Far from it, I think everyone should study religious concepts. Learning Greek for example has greatly increased my knowledge of my faith, and I'm eager to learn Hebrew too, and later learn Latin and study the early church fathers. I don't think less studies create a bigger faith concerning God, I think they create a greater ignorance. By studying religion, you will understand it much better and your faith will stand on much firmer ground.

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    Albert Einstein was a firm beliver in God. It's MY experience that the more intelligent folks are, the more they believe in a real, but possibly unknown, God. The ignorant seem to believe in fanciful gods, saints and mythical beings, and sometimes such things as 'voo-doo', etc.

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    Actually, the studies show, the less educated appear to attend the more fundamentalist type churches & believe in a hell-fire God. And yes, both my children attended universities. I still have faith & they still have theirs !!

    Enstien was a believer, because of his research!!!!

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    Of course a liberal university and the constant, strong influence of non-believers in a position of such powerful influence as college professors would threaten the faith of a young person.

    No, I would encourage them to attend a Christian college.

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