Can a fix this...PLEASE HELP IMMEDIATELY!1111?

AHHHH....Today someone left my camera in the restroom, so i decided that i was going to put it in my pocket just in case, while i was bending down, IT FELL INTO THE BATHTUB FULL OF WATER...Now it doesnt work. I blow dried it and wiped it right away, but it wont open. WHAT DO I DO? HELP! It is a digital camera with a rechargable battery and memory card. Is it the battery of the camera that doesn't work? Please help! It's very expensive, and there's no warranty for this type of accident. HELP! Please give me a way to fix it without going out to repair it. Will taking the camera apart and taking the water out fix it? What will work??? HELP!


The whole camera fell into the bathtub. The bathtub was full...

Update 2:

Usually when I charge the camera, the color of the power (of the camera) is either orange, red, or green. Right after I blow dried and wiped my camera, I tried to charge it. It worked (though it wouldn't open). The color was orangish/greenish...Then, it faded away. Then the orange came back...So I'm guessing that the battery works. But the screen was open with a blue light with no picture.

Update 3:

2 days later, the camera works (ex: it can open & take pictures). But the problem is that there ARE big blobs of dried water and when I click on a recorded clip, it won't play. Also, when I try to zoom into a picture it doesn't work. Well at least it works. I just have to wait a few more days until the blobs dry/evaporate.

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    When it fell to the bath up, the condition is OFF right?

    If yes, there is still a chance to make your camera back to normal again.

    1. Don't try to turn it On

    2. Take out the rechargeable battery.

    3. Take out the memory card

    4. Dry it with hairdryer

    5. Make sure there is no water inside the camera

    6. Leave it for 2 days in dry and warm area.

    7. Then put all things together again (battery) and try to turn it on..(this is a bit risky, if there still water inside your camera will permanently damage)

    But I'm sure the memory card is still okay.

    Good luck okay..!

    The best thing is go to the service center.

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    if the camera was used prior to the dunking, ie; someone used the flash on the camera. The camera is likely fried. The capacitor hold a very high charge, even when it is turned off. Water will short it out. You can hope for the best, take anything that can be pulled out like the card and battery and let it air dry for couple of days. Reinstall the battery and pray. Good luck!

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    There is unfortunately very little you can do. The only thing I have to suggest is that next time you buy a camera, buy it through wolf, and get the damage protection, that covers all accidental and intentional damage, including complete destruction of that camera. So long as they have the serial number it will be replaced or refurbished if possible.

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    Second poster is right, but I doubt you have not tried to turn it on. Let it dry out really well (days). If you pulled it out quickly enough, maybe not much water got in.

    However, the sensor and lenses may have spots on them, so the pictures may have dots all over them.

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    Sorry buddy but the samething happened to my sister's husband falling into the lake with a 300 dollar camera. But you seemed screwed. Put it on ebay and don't say it's broken, sell it, close the account, close the newly made bank account after you get the money, go back on ebay and buy another before the real owner of the camera comes back. But the memory card is still good. Yay!!!

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