I have problem with the usb of dell photo print 720 printe?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What kind of a problem? A rather basic question. A few USB related suggestions:

    1. Try connecting the printer to the front usb port.

    2. Go to start/control panel/printers and faxes and check the printer status to see if the icon says 0 and ready.

    3. Try canceling any documents pending in there.

    4. If a document is stuck in the queue, turn off your computer and printer and disconnect the usb and power cables. With the power cables for the computer and the printer disconnected, press and hold the computer and printer buttons for 10 seconds each and start both devices up and then connect the usb cable once they are done starting up. Try printing now.

    5. If in printers and faxes you notice copies of the same printer. Right click each of the copies and go into its properties and do a test print to see which is working. Set the printer icon that works as default.

    6. Click start/run and type in services.msc and in the services window that opens look for a service called dlcj device or dlcc device and lexbce server and ensure they are both turned on and are set to automatic. Also check the RPC and print spooler in that list and ensure they are started up. You could try to restart the print spooler.

    7. Ensure that the drivers are properly installed. If they are not installed, install from the cd provided or download from support.dell.com and that would basically take care of it.

    Source(s): I am a Dell Printers Technician. Reply if you have issues after trying all these steps and be a little more specific about the error message. All the best.
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