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Why are we reluctant to share our closest friends?

For example, I have a friend Y. I introduce Y to person Z. Person Y is having a party over the weekend, and invites person Z but not I. I feel very much betrayed and undervalued by person Y.

A purely hypothetical situation mind you, but this kind of thing is everywhere. If we've known a friend for years, and then they meet some of our other friends and get along well, and go out with our friends more than with us, why are we so jealous and hurt?

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    I'm still close to my best friends from my previous school. Even though they have their own close friends in they're own school, we're still close friends. Those close friends they have now hang out with them almost on a daily basis and definitely talk to them more that I do, but somehow, I don't feel the pain. To me, I think it's because of the bond we share, the loyalty we have for each other.

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    Well, I know that this can happen depending on the chemistry the people have on each other when they meet and from there become better friends with each other and exclude their mutual friend-I now it sucks, but it has happened to my other friends, therefore I hardly ever introduce my friends to my other friends-I guess for fear of losing them and keep them to my precious self, but that's just me!! But in the end if they were meant to be better friends-I don't get hurt,, I just embrace the good times we had together, but I know them leaving me out isn't/wasn't right, but you can't force them to invite you anywhere, nor be friends with you forever. If in the end you do die out of both of theri friendships and yet they are still friends-well, sorry but you'll find your **true friends.

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    Hi my name is Yolanda

    I go through this same ting

    i feel hurt that i am not spending itme with my friend because I am so usse to it.I get jelous because i think that my friend will like the person more and won't give me teh attension i use to get.I am also afraid that I will lose my closest Friend!

    I also feel left out!

    I hope this helps!

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    It's normal to be jealous in a situation like this. Let your best friend know how you feel and next time stop introducing your best friend to your other friends.

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    I'm not, I do know people that have complained about that though so I understand what you mean. I just don't do it.....jealousy is not something I feel very have friends to love them and accept them for who they are to you, not what you do with them.

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