high cervix?

I am pregnant but not sure how far along yet. my cervix is pretty high and getting softer. I can onlyfeel about a half inch of it. How far along am I?

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    1st off Keep UR fingers out of there... it can cause infection!!!

    2nd U cant tell how far U are by feeliong Ur cervix!

    3rd what was the 1st day of UR last Period? Go here...


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    you can not tell how far along you are by your cervix and also touching your cervix a lot in pregnancy can cause a infection so stop touching it. If you have regular 28 days periods you can count the 1st day of your last period "as day 1 pregnant" doctors count that way so you are 4 weeks when you miss your period even thou the baby is only 2 weeks gestation. if you 2 weeks late your about 6 weeks pregnant. See a doctor asap.

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    4 years ago

    Actually your cervix does move around more to the front as your body gets ready to deliver and or labor progresses. If your cervix is still "high", meaning more posterior , toward the back of your body, then your body is not ready to deliver. You need regular contractions for cervical dilation. You can have false labor for a number of reasons, such as dehydration, even a urinary tract infection can cause you to have contractions, or they could simple breasting hicks.. you must have regular contractions with cervical change to be in true labor. As for being effaced, that is thinning and softening of the cervix and it is very common for the cervix to soften and thin in the last weeks of pregnancy.

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    Pls go to the doctor that is the best of advice...and make sure that all is well with your baby, life is precious.... i lost mine....

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    You are better off knowing these facts, i had no clue what i would be looking for. Just check with your doctor. Stop guessing

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    ask your Dr

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