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Are the capt seats in a minivan good for child safety seats?

I plan on buying a Dodge Grand Caravan with the second row capt seats. I was wondering how safe they are with toddler car seats

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    Yes they are fine as long as they are "locked in place". My stepmom has one and the seats don't move like old captains chairs in vans do. Go to this link and these ladies will help you out.

    I believe the captains chairs have LATCH so you can use the latch system with your car seats.

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    If you're talking about the ones that pivot to the side, then that is a definate no. The car seat needs to be as stable and stationary as possible. If the seat is pivoted at all and you are in a wreck, instead of going straight forward and being stopped by both shoulder straps with equal pressure, there will be uneven pressure that can twist the head and neck...well, you get the idea. It's better to be safe then sorry and either use the stationary seats in the back or choose a different vehicle.

    Good luck to you...

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    I could contemplate whether all of you who think of it extremely is ridiculous, surely have babies. shall we be reasonable, no one is going to maintain there intense college newborn in a motor vehicle seat, whether they don't look to be the recommended top for a seat belt, completely for the reasoning that they likely won't get lots taller, yet a fifteen 12 months previous could have extra adulthood in sitting in a seat belt wisely, then a 5 12 months previous will. I see not something incorrect with us keeping our babies. There are motor vehicle seats you ought to purchase which will carry your newborn till they're waiting for a booster, you're able to in basic terms could purchase one million- 3 motor vehicle seats to your newborn toddler seat, which not anybody purchases, a convertible which you would be able to get one which will carry from 5 to eighty pounds so the variety of seat extremely is the only one you will possibly could purchase then the booster which you will not inevitably choose reckoning on the convertible seat you purchase, so i don't think of it extremely is a funds interest, i think of you're making a stupid determination the the vehicle seat you're choosing to purchase.

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    they are pretty safe but put ona seat belt.

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    very confusing factor. look on yahoo. just that could help!

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