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How do I motivate myself to do HW?

The more of it I do for 6 hours straight after school, it seems hopeless. There's always more to do. I've taken about 15 minutes of my time right now on my break to see what I can do. It's almost been 7 hours now. I'm a freshman in high school with honors classes. How am I supposed to do this? I feel so stressed and unhappy. There's never any time to play. Well, I'm still a kid. I'm not a fatarse who sits on their butt all day type of person. I wanna get out there and go play! But I have so much work, it's frustrating. I still have a lot more homework to do. What the HECK am I supposed to do? I have a test tomorrow too and it's a TUESDAY. Life sucks.

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    Relax. Breathe. Talk to your instructors. See your guidance counselor, and see what changes can be made to your schedule. If you've taken on more than you can or want to handle, you're only going to be unhappy and less productive at everything else in your life. High school isn't fun for anyone, and while honors classes help a lot when it comes to getting into college...a falling GPA doesn't. Know your limits, and give yourself a fun class or two in your next schedule. This way you get to learn about something you enjoy. Try creative writing, or a cooking class. They may not make Harvard knock on your door, but it will do wonders for your sanity.

    --Someone who has been there.

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    First, you need to organize your priorities; is it education you want or is it fun?

    I have been in your situations; I am a high school student who has College courses and honors courses that gives me endless work. To complete such amount, willpower is needed, and focus is required. A normal person would think work is boring and play is fun, what I do is to reverse that. Try to manipulate yourself into thinking work is an enjoyable experience that leads to much happiness while playing just throws you in despair. This may sound outlandish, but it will work wonders when it succeeds (It worked on me).

    Another method is to imagine the consequences that will occur to you if you do not do the homework. This sometimes motivates me.

    Also, you seem like the type who loves to party and enjoy a sociable life. These are neccesities, but life is full of compromises; to sustain the demand of strict academic classes you will need to sacrifice your time. Know your priorities; education or fun.

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    you only could desire to pass slower. do no longer attempt to push your self. you desire time on your physique to get well appropriate. Do only what you're able to do very truthfully. that doesn't propose no attempt it only propose you could desire to step it down somewhat. break a 30 minute cardio step recurring into 3 gadgets of 10 minutes each and each with a 5 minute relax between gadgets. once you're performed you're performed. next time upload only a million greater minute on your recurring. you could desire to consume suited to boot. consume what you like yet only as much as 1200 energy an afternoon, no much less. healthful is greater valuable yet no longer anyone is a salad and broccoli form of individual. So spend the 20 bux on an 8 to 10 inch cardio step. seize a video from any 2d hand save and rancid you pass. in case you hold on with this plan you will lose approximately 2 to 3 pounds a week of healthful weight without ravenous or yearning...good success. you would be finding and feeling great very straight away!

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    Well, I am in sort of the same situation hunny! but i really have never heard of 7hours of homework in my life. Its ridiculous! Do your teachers have any idea of the work load they are giving you? I mean honestly, for a freashman it sounds like a lot! i honestly have no patience for home work but when I really need to do it i find three things that are ABSOLUTELY essential to get the work done.

    1) My fav music

    2) Regular breaks (VERY IMPORTANT)

    3) My fav food/treat

    hope this helps

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    If you get an answer to this let me know, I am 31 and sorta have the same problem....i can never find time to do my neverending HW between work and 2 kids, good luck

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    Yea it would suck even more when you get to college and see that there are bunch of people who are smarter than you and they talk about how they're gona study abroad in Oxford and go to med school.

    For one thing I would stop playing on computer. Its very distracting.

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    Think of ur classmates who outsmart u

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