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Distance Learning?

Has anyone taken a "Distance Learning" class over the internet? I want to take one for Hist 2, but have heard mixed it hard? time consuming?...etc...thoughts..?

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    It's more time consuming than a usual class. But not only time is the difference; just as you are "free" of schedules and presence to a room, your responsibility over your own learning increases. You must be ready with questions for the tutorial sessions, in order to get the most from it.

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    Speaking as a college professor who teaches both in the classroom and online, I can honestly tell you that you'll tend to do more reading with online classes. And this can be pretty time consuming.

    Plus, you don't have the benefit of my being right there to clarify things. And you might not have access to certain visual aids I might be using in the classroom while lecturing.

    I've know some who have found it harder because of the lesser ability to interact with your instructor and the amount of reading involved, but I've also known others who have found it easier because of the convenience of not having to physically make it to class.

    It all depends on how the class is run. Exams will be online, which can be time consuming while you get used to how the system works. And once you hit that "Submit" button, you can't take it back, so you have to be extra careful before sending in your answers.

    My personal advice is to opt for classroom learning whenever possible because it's best, especially if you're taking a subject that's tough where having a teacher right there to guide you along is extremely helpful.

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    I loved distance learning.

    But, if you are not a self-starter/disciplined person IT IS NOT FOR YOU! also, find out about the university that you are going through. Ask about their distance course. Some universities are not that organized when dealing with internet courses.

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