Why do Ipods have less storage than they claim to have?

Why do Ipods have less storage than they claim to have? (Ex. My 2 gb nano, only has a max of 1.8 gb.)

Isnt this false advertising? (i do know it says on the box "actual storage is 1.8gb" or somthing like that in small letters.)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Formatting. The memory it has is 2Gb, but formatting, operating system, and filesystem eat up some of that space.

    they advertise the actual memory total because it looks better. that is how all storage has been advertised since the beginning of time. It is just more noticeable nowadays... 4Mb of filesystem on a 400MB disk does not look bad... 200MB on a 2GB system shows up.

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  • Brad
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    1 decade ago

    The space is probably used up by the disk's formatting. Kind of like how a 80 gb hard drive really only has 75 gb available.

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    i had this same problem. when you purchase your ipod, it comes with an iTunes cd right (its supposed to) well that iTunes takes up space not only on your computer but the iPod as well. I have the old 60GB Video iPod. i noticed that one day it only had 55gigs left and I havent even used it yet. i called the apple store and they told me that iTunes takes like a small amount of space on your ipod. i thought i was being cheated out of my memory space. It's just the iTunes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the used space is for the files that are stored in the ipod for menus and other features like contacts, games, and such.

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