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snow boots??

I'm leaving for Colorado in less than a week, so I don't really have much time to buy snow boots off of the internet. And since I live in Texas, there isn't really a wide variety of boots to choose from. So, I was wondering if regular rubber rain boots would work for walking around and playing in the snow? Would Ugg boots keep my feet dry since the snow won't be all melty like it is down here? Would Scotch Guard work if I sprayed it on Ugg boots? Any ideas??

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    I live in Colorado and have 2 feet of snow in my front yard.

    Honestly, I think your rubber boots will be fine. All you'll want is a thick pair of socks to keep your feet warm. Otherwise, your rubber boots should be tall enough to keep the snow out--that's the main concern. If anything, wear some snow pants (and tuck the under layer into your boots). If all else fails, tie some plastic bags around your feet. Heck, I live in Colorado and I don't own any boots-- I used plastic bags around my tennis shoes to shovel today--and it worked fine.

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    No of course not! I live in Texas and we never get snow but that doesn't stop us from going around with snow boots. WEAR THEM! It would be a great outfit and I have to say lucky you because it is still like 90 degrees here. 8( Hope this helped!

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    Rubber boots won't be warm enough. I agree, buy some when you get there. You'll get a much better selection, and leave the Uggs at home. "Real" people never wear them for playing around in the snow, they're not practical at all.

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    I would suggest just buying some boots when you get here (I live in Colorado). No, regular rain boots would not work, they would probably get ruined. Plus, Colorado has a ton of places where you can get good snow boots!

    Source(s): I live in Colorado.
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    Buy them when you get to CO. Most all of the WalMarts. Targets, Payless Shoes, and everywhere here in CO have snow boots. Visit one of the major discount retailers and pick up a cheap pair to wear during you snow playing excursions.

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    You can wear your Uggs and show that your from the East side but i suggest you get some boots when you are there.

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    Hun just buy snow boots when you get will need them for warmth as well as water wear uggs and they all gonna laugh at ya!! Good Luck

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    Yeah i'd just buy them when you get there.

    Uggs are casual...not so much practical. and you'd ruin them and have to buy new ones when you get back.

    Rubber Rain Boots will keep your feet dry but.....they're ugly.

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    Get some cute rain boots and wear thicksocks, that will keep you warm

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