A story To prove in God?

A family was about to have a child and they got the child tested. It tested that it would come out retarded with imperfections. The father was dissapointed and they had the option of abortion. Now, the father went home and prayed he prayed for days with all his heart and sould and might. That the baby would be born. He told the wife to have the baby it would come in 12 days. Sure enough 12 days later, the child was born with 15 broken chromosomes. The father prayed and prayed 3 weeks later only three chormosomes remained broken, 12 were fixed. Doctors cannot understand what happened. even scientists couldn't prove what happened. Prayer works when you put ur heart into it. And believe the story because it was my cousin.

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    WOW ! What a WONDERFUL God ! He has answered prayer for me as well.........My gpa should have been dead 13 years ago.....He stays on his knees in prayer...(cancer)....... He says God healed him........Its not the cancer, but the faith he has in God...........When my husband died, <<before he died>> he was an atheist........As he was dying, he cried out to God ! I have yet to see an atheist die ! How 'bout you ? ! My gma was a very good christian woman.......As she was dying , she said.....Do you hear the beautiful music??!!! We said no gma, she said SHHHHHHH listen ! Isn't it beautiful !!!!! I believe ! My brother is a pilgrim holiness preacher ...VERY proud of him !!!

    Source(s): HAVE YOU SEEN DEATH ??? If not you will NEVER see an atheist die ! Promise ya !
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    i don't understand once you're severe or taking the mickey, yet right here is going. a million - The keeps to be of "Noah's deliver" have not been got here upon in any respect. basically no longer actual. 2 - The bible reported the mountain tops may be lined via forty ft of water. Everest is 29,000 ft tall so the flood might must be 5.5 miles deep. there's no longer even close to to sufficient water interior the entire international. 3 - If each and every thing replaced into lined over via lots water there may be info of it everywhere interior the international. there's no longer. 4 - How vast might the ark ought to have been to residing house *tens of millions* of species and sufficient food and clean water to take care of them? 5 - If there have been in basic terms 8 or 9 people on the ark why can we've this type of selection of races interior the international? 6 - in accordance to that tale god killed very just about each and every residing element in the international which incorporate almost the entire human inhabitants. Does that sound like a loving, forgiving god to you or somebody who's worth or worship? 7 - the tale is in line with in the past Babylonian and Sumerian flood memories so it quite is not even Jewish / Christian in foundation.

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    one year ago i had three doctors tell me i had breast cancer,needless to say i really started to pray.this time with all my heart and soul,family prayed also.long story short when i went back to doctor after surgery everyone just shook their heads.they said i must really have someone looking after me because when they got the results back no cancer,so yes i do believe prayer changes things.this has made me a born again christian and no one can change my mind.

  • wow.

    aye yi yi.

    you people say science is imperfect. But, the doctors couldn't have made any mistake in initial disgnosis, right? Nope, never. This had to be a miracle. No wonder you are so often referred to as "sheep"

    wow, the absence of thought, logic, reason and intelligence amazes me.

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    At a very young age, destroyed chromosomes have a tendency to repair themselves. The longer of a time frame to become repaired, the longer time it takes to fully recover.

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    Its just like people who have cancer through out 90% of their body one day and the next day its gone, cant explain it? I can, prayer works.

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    Sorry; I don't believe it. Somebody messed up a diagnosis somewhere. And, of course, you have absolutely no evidence to support the notion that your prayers had anything to do with it.

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    Miracles happen every day!!!!!! I'm very pleased for your family !!!! Keep on praying!!!!

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    Chromosomes don't get broken, but nice try. next time get your story right.

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    You forgot to start your story with ..."Once upon a time..."

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