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URGENT DILEMNA: Christmas gift for girlfriend?

Howdy campers, Buzz Lightyear here, and it seems we have a caller on line 3:

"Hi Buzz, its me James. So I am in a predicament of sorts. See, my girlfriend and I have been going out for a few months now, and as you know Mr. Lightyear, Christmas is fast approaching. She told me recently that she would not like to exchange presents, and that she just wants "me(James)" for xmas. Certainly, we are both aware that whenever we want something we just go out and buy it for ourselves. But even so, I want to get her something that she will cherish forever. We both see our relationship as being long-term, and this is the first holiday that will give me the opportunity to do something for her. Please help me Buzz, you're so great."

-This is Buzz Lightyear, over and out. To Infinity, and Beyond!

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    Just buy her some earings. With Diamonds, gold, or sterling silver, whatever you can afford.

    And please, lay off of the nerdy paraphrases.

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    DO NOT buy heart-shaped jewelry, put it in a gift bag, with a stuffed-animal, and a single rose!! That is lame, every guy starting at the age of 13 does that and it will look like you didn't even try. It is too soon for any jewelry, anyway. Stuffed animals are for children. Single red roses are cheap and cliche. Take her out instead and suprise her with something that has to do with one of her hobbies or interests. Or find out what her favorite book or movie is. My friend's favorite book was "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott. For her birthday, her husband bought a vintage copy of the book, and all versions of the movie "Little Women" on DVD. He made dinner, and they snuggled under a blanket and watched three movie versions of the book. She loved him for it.

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    You need to take her somewhere memorable. Ladies love things that sparkle and romantic dinners/events. Sunsets are very nice if you can still see them this time of year. Ice skating has always been a memorable event that i can think of. But remember sparkly things say a lot to a lady!

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    Show up naked at her place wrapped in a bow. But bring with you, some flowers, chocolates and a ring (doesn't have to be an engagement ring), a promise ring.

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    sometimes you know a girl likes the gifts you buy for her by what she keeps when she dumps you.. My last gf gave back everything i ever bought for her, except for this ceramic doll that looked just like her...kinda weird.

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