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How can you compare the Spaniards conquering the Aztecs?

to contemporary times?

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    It depends on the elements you want to compare, what is the main subject?

    Is it the massive genocide? In that case, our recent centuries pretty much has abundance of comparisons.

    If it's simple political conquest for territory, similar answers too.

    Then there's also the converting of the "savages", because we must remember that the Spanish were definitely into that with their Inquisition.

    Then there's the question of colonization, after having killed and conquered, they installed themselves, and mixed their blood, creating mestizos who after a few generations made up a new social category that was neither Indian nor Spanish, which in turn created several wars for Independence.

    I believe, at this time, presently, there are no exact comparisons. You would only be comparing singular aspects of the whole picture to another singular aspect of another case. So you should decide what aspect of the "conquering" you are interesting in and then looked for an appropriate comparable object.

    Long non answer, but it might help define your query. Good luck.

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    I recently read a book, Stolen Continents, in which the author, Richard Wright claims that at the time Columbus arrived there were 100,000,000 people living in North, Central, and South America combined. Within 100 years, all but 10 million had been killed.

    That's a 90% loss. In today's terms, that would be 270 million US citizens being killed in 100 years, or 110 times the number of Jews killed by the Jewish in concentration camps during World War II.

    Pretty scary. This makes me wonder why we celebrate Columbus Day.


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    Most recently? Rwanda, Burundi, Serbs against the Croats & Muslims in Yugoslavia. Right now? Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Probably others that we just are not aware of yet.

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